The Billionaire Professor 2 (2015)

Chapter 2




I hadn’t felt his strong arms sending goose bumps down my spine, tingling my thighs and driving me crazy with desire all evening. Then I felt it. His undeniable touch. His fingers arousing every single cell of my body.

My soul ached for this moment. I prayed that it would last forever. No, that’s not right. I prayed he would take me away from this public celebration of his release from jail. I begged the gods that be that we would find ourselves alone on top of red satin sheets in in penthouse suite at The Plaza.

He whispered in my ear. Even before I recognized the words, the unmistakable rich, full touched voice captivated me, once again stirred me to a sexual rebirth as if he never touched me before.

Will every touch be this exciting? Will it always lead me to this stirring of my soul? Oh, God, I hope so. I plead that I never take his magic for granted. I prayed that the carnal attention never ends.

“Jaz.” His whisper in my ear reverberated throughout my body, sending my legs trembling with excitement, wobbling and weakening as I fantasized about what might be, what could be if we ever got the chance to leave this place.

“Let’s get out of here, we have some celebrating of our own to do,” he said. “That is, if you would like to.”

I turned to him, furtively looked around and quickly but firmly grabbed his dick as best I could through that horribly obtrusive clothing.

“I’d rather clear that table over there,” I pointed to the round bistro table to the left of him, “and screw your brains out, Professor St. James.”

He purred an utterly sensuous guttural sound. “So, I’ve unleashed a monster?”

“I prefer to think that you’ve awakened a superhero.”

“And Ms. Superhero,” Max began, “what’s your superpower?”

“What, you don’t know?”

He shook his head.

“My superpower is giving incredible orgasms.”




I was tempted for a second to accept her offer of allowing her to take me on the table, considering her formidable sexual superpowers.

Instead, I said, “For natural security reasons, super sexy, we can’t chance revealing your true identity in public. But if you’d oblige me, I’d love to test those superpowers of yours I the privacy of my penthouse.”

She gave my dick one last squeeze. I rolled my eyes, then closed them. I didn’t even try to disguise my look of sexual satisfaction on my face.

“What are we waiting for?” she asked.