The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 14




The penthouse looked different by daylight. Or maybe I was just more observant on this visit. This time, I actually got a quick glimpse of the walls of his rooms. They were covered with the most well-known and obviously most expensive masterpieces money could buy. I bet his penthouse had more paintings than some of the art museums I’d visited.


After the Christies adventure, Max had driven the Lamborghini straight to his penthouse. He hadn’t bothered to ask if I had the time to come back to his place. Then again, when he suggested we “play” I hadn’t argued. So perhaps I silently consented. There’s a lot I can consent to when it comes to “playing” with Max.


What if I had something I had to be? Okay! Okay! The truth was I didn’t have any other place to be. The real truth was I had actually hoped we’d end up here.


The ultimate truth? My body couldn’t get enough of him. All parts of him.


We entered the penthouse. I heard the click of the door lock. My body responded like Pavlov’s dog. Every cell in my body tingled in anticipation of is hard penis pressing close to me. It took no time at all for my imagination to make the leap to visualizing his hard dick in my vagina, pressing on the sides. Oh my God. I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it.


My thoughts were interrupted when Max pulled me close, cupped my chin in his hand and kissed me. Passionately. I felt His tongue inside my mouth before I even knew what was happening. What a luxurious surprise.


My body, now overwhelmed by sensually inspired tingles, relaxed. No, I melted. I totally gave myself to Max. As exciting as my experience at Christie’s was, it was no match to the moments when I willing gave myself to this amazingly hot man. I knew where this would lead. My body knew instinctively where the situation would end.


He guided me back toward his bedroom. Even though my tongue was entangled with his and he titillated every possible part of my body, I was able to see that even his bedroom held a Renoir, a Monet among other masters of the art world.


He lightly pushed me down on his bed. His gravelly voice said to undress and I did so without a moment’s hesitation. I was ready, more than ready. While I was taking off my clothes, he hurriedly undressed. Suddenly he was on his knees, his tongue exploring my clit. My pelvic jolted at his initial touch and then rolled with every time his tongue poked at the side of my vagina.


In addition to his tongue action, he began to rub me right above my clit and the combination made me crazy insane. I began to think that I was insatiable. I didn’t want him to stop. I moaned, I cried out. I felt the freedom in the privacy of this room, knowing his body a bit better, to cry out.


He took his mouth out of me, massaged my tits and asked, “Are you ready yet?” Our “playtime’ before our orgasms seemed to take less time. It’s as if we both knew how we would react to the other person’s touch and our bodies responded almost instantly.


I moaned something incoherently that I hope he interpreted as a yes. He pinned my arms above my head, his hands tightly clasping my wrists. This position made my pelvic area jump, it arched toward the ceiling in an instant.


He then entered me with his powerful penis already as hard as a rock. He slowly dove as deeply inside me as he could, then just as slowly pulled out slightly so that I felt his penis in all the right places.


Soon, he was moving faster and even faster. He established a tremendous rhythm that I momentarily thought knew no limits. Just at the moment that I knew I would be coming, he did one final entry and he warned me he was going to come. I nodded yes. And we came at the exact same moment. He fell on me and quickly rolled to one side.


I wrapped a leg around him and snuggled as closely as I dared. He pulled me even closer and kissed the top of my head.




I didn’t speak on the way to the Penthouse. I hoped that Jazmin wouldn’t be upset. But I was pissed. Totally pissed. Call it a male ego thing. But I wanted that Rubens more than anything at that moment. The fact that was Daphne who outbid me with essentially my own money was not only maddening, but humiliating as well. And it all happened in front of Jazmin. What was that all about?


Oh why even ask? I knew what it was all about. It was yet another dig at my sexual appetite and our seven-year marriage that ended – tragically ended if you ask her.


We divorced with her claiming I was a sexual deviant. A man whose sexual appetite knew no limits. And a woman who claimed it was a perverse form of abuse. Add to the mix that she strolled over like an abused ex-wife and spoke to Jazmin in what appeared  to be a pleasant and amicable conversation burned me to no end.


By the time I got to the penthouse, my rage had transformed to passion with the help of the woman who had been riding with me – not pressing me for much conversation. She allowed me to be inside my own head, working this shit out. She didn’t need the constant attention, the endless compliments, or the continually petting that most woman did.


I locked the door to the penthouse. Finally, the outer world couldn’t reach me anymore. I was alone with my thoughts. I was alone with my feelings. I was alone with Jazmin. Even though we spoke little, I took her to be a confidant. Someone with whom if I did need to blurt out my feelings would be there to accept the barrage unconditionally. And still love everything about me.


There was no doubt in my mind that these last several days have been the most wonderful of my entire life. I could only imagine how the path of my life might have been changed if I had found this beautiful soul earlier in my life. My mind boggles at what other roads I may have traveled if I had her calm mien to accompany through my rowdy raucous years.


I tried not to think of that. I pushed the regret aside, rationalizing that she probably wouldn’t have given me a second look.


I turned to the sleeping beauty and discovered her looking more beautiful than ever. I pulled her close to me, took her chin and then kissed her with a passion I didn’t even know I had. As I was trying to decide exactly where that had come from, my tongue went on an excursion, nearly on it own and sought every possible spot in her delicious mouth.


She reacted just as passionately with her tongue. It excited and encouraged me to continue.


I led her toward the bedroom. She didn’t miss a step as she moved step-by-step with me, her tongue never losing the engaging rhythm. Silently, I instructed her to sit on the bed, I began to undress her and allowed her to continue. Then I made great haste to ensure that I, too, was naked by the time finished.


I knelt down in front of her. Her legs were still hanging over the side of the bed. I motioned for her to lie down and my tongue dove with an unfettered excitement into her vagina, no hesitation. I can’t even remember if I started out slowly for her to get accustomed to it.


Was I the first? I couldn’t help but wonder if any other man’s tongue had been here before. God, I hope not. At that moment it was all about possession. I wanted – no needed – to possess every part of her body. My tongue quickly, almost wildly, wanted to claim it – all of it. As if I were marking my territory.


She complied with every small movement of my tongue. Her pelvic rotated, moved up and down. She groaned ever so slightly and I knew that she was ready. Perhaps knowing this young lady the way I now did, perhaps she was even more than ready to come.


Without skipping a beat with my tongue, I moved a hand on top of her clitoris, took my index finger and rubbed it. The combination sent her through the roof, I swear. I had never known any woman to be so responsive, to be so physical, who outwardly enjoyed sex as much as she did. No phoniness on her part. No pretending. Nothing but sincere raw sexual excitement. Sincere enthusiasm.


“It’s about to happen,” I told her. “We’re about to make magic one more time.”


I guided my penis inside her I held it there for only an instant. She began to wiggle, encouraging me to wield my dick inside of her. Slowly and carefully at first. When I knew she was ready I went faster and faster. I pinned her hands to the bed, holding them at the wrist, making sure that as the mounting pleasure continued, she wouldn’t be in any position to stop it.


And then it happened. It happened so quickly it seemed and I knew in an instant we had both come together. We both felt the fireworks and the ultimate sexual release that came with such a monumental event.


I wanted to mark the date on the calendar, but knew there would be many more. I knew that this was only the first of many.