The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 13




For starters,” Jazmin began, “your ex told me –“


Jazmin was interrupted by the auctioneer’s gavel. It was time for the bidding to begin. Jazmin gave me an impish grin. God, really didn’t know how incredibly sexy she was. She made my penis harden – again!


The auctioneer unveiled the first painting – the Van Gogh that the alumnus wanted for the school. I made quick sport of this piece. It seemed as if I had unlimited funds, with the tidy stash the alumnus brought to the plate. It took me no time at all to out bid several others.


The second painting was quickly unveiled. Ah! The Rubens I needed for my private collection. 


“This particular painting was lost in someone’s attic for years,” I whispered to Jazmin. I knew it said all of this in the program, so I really wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t know, I just wanted an excuse to lean in to her and smell her sensual cologne.


“I knew I had to have it after I met you the other night. This model reminds me of you.”




Goosebumps raced down my spine. That model reminded Maxwell of me? Really?


“Wow,” I whispered back to him, “She’s absolutely stunning. And the entire painting is just breathtaking.”


“I’m glad you think so. You really do have a natural eye for art, my dear.”


“Well, just look at that technique. Aside from screaming Rubens, it shows the love that he had for this piece.”


Having never been to an auction of this caliber before, it astounded me how quickly the bidding went. Maxwell had snatched up the Van Gogh within minutes. But with his billions and a couple hundred million thrown in there by that anonymous donor, I just assumed that was to be expected.


But the bids on the Rubens flew back and forth quicker than a tennis ball on the Wimbledon court. It started with nearly a dozen individuals raising their numbered fans. Without much warning the number dropped precipitously. Until . . .




There were just two of us left actively competing for this precious piece of art. I quickly looked behind me to see who was left. I should have known. Daphne. I wondered if she were doing this to spite me for all the years she had to put up with my shit.


Even Jazmin noticed the bidding came down to the two of us. “Yeah, I noticed that myself,” I told her, remaining cool. “Just watch, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


“So you’ve been through this before with her?” Jazmin question.


“Too many times to count,” I said. “It’s like bidding against myself.”




“Because she made her millions by divorcing me. She’s essentially using my own money to piss me off.” I paused.


Jazmin gave me a cherubic smile. God, I was hungry for every part of her body.


Daphne had just bid $15.2 million dollars. As much as I wanted to bid higher, even billionaires face daily limits of spending.


“I’m sorry, love,” I told Jazmin. “I would go higher, but I augmented that other painting. I hated to let Daphne have this victory, but . . . there’s a limit even to my spending. I hope you’re not too disappointed.”


The auctioneer looked my way and I shook my head. There was no way I could go any higher. 

“Perhaps outbidding me will boost her fragile ego,” I whispered to Jazmin. She squashed a laugh.


“Why don’t I pay for the Van Gogh, arrange for delivery and then we can play?”