The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 11




“You’re going where tomorrow?” Carly screamed.  “The first day of class and you’re already the teacher’s pet?”


Actually, I welcomed the chiding about my “date” with Professor St. James to Christies. It took the pressure off of her needling me to explain to her where I had been the last night. And a date to Christies with an exotic art professor and collector was much more acceptable to talk about than the sex we were indulging in. Bring it on, Carly, I thought, bring it on.


Frantically, I pulled clothes out of my closet. I had no idea what women wore to buy a multimillion dollar art masterpiece. So as I was searching I thought I’d ask Carly to see if she knew.


We spent several hours piecing clothing from her closet and mine. Finally we came up with something that was sophisticated enough, not flashy and fit me. Quite snugly.


“Listen,” Carly told me, sounding serious, “Professor St. James is a hunk. I’m so happy that he asked you.”


Oh, if she only knew what else he has asked me to do.