The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 9




At least we had the presence of mind not to scream out loud. I’m sure that was Jazmin’s initial reaction. I was grateful she suppressed it.


We looked at each other for a split second, then the intruder – he had no idea what he was interrupting – knocked again. I could see panic in her eyes. I jumped off the desk, pulled my clothes together quickly. I told her to hide under my desk. For a moment her eyes questioned the command. But only for a split second. Once I knew she was completely hidden, I opened the door.


It turned out the knock was a group of students who took my offer of dropping out of the class. They wanted my signature for their drop slips. One would think that in the digital age someone could invent a less inconvenient way to drop a stinkin’ class.


No sooner did I get rid of them did the chair of the department walk in. He certainly made himself at home, settling into the receiving chair on the other side of my desk.


“Sit down,” he told me, as if I were visiting him in his office. I had no choice but to sit behind my desk. I may be the billionaire, but he was the boss of the department. And I respected him.


So I reluctantly sat down. All I could hope was that Jazmin was listening to the conversation.




I scrunched back to give Max enough room to sit down, but being so close to the lower portion of his body made me go insane. I couldn’t just sit there next to his pent up penis without releasing it and, of course, pleasing it.


So I moved forward as much as I dared. I heard the conversation, but really didn’t pay attention to it. I unzipped the fly of his trousers, then maneuvered his penis out of both the trousers and his underwear.


I rubbed his penis slowly with my fingers, at least at first. I could feel Max reposition himself in his chair. He didn’t use any signals that told me I should stop, so I continued on. Soon, his penis was in my mouth and my tongue was busily and happily discovering all the wonderful nuances of this powerful organ.


I took it in as much as I could considering the circumstances. I sucked, licked and occasionally punctuated all of this with a short stop, just to give him an opportunity at anytime to signal to me to stop. I felt no such signal. So I continued.


I heard the words of the conversation, but I wasn’t processing what the two were talking about. I’m sure it was nothing that involved me anyway. At what seemed like an eternity, I heard the department chair mutter something about leaving. I quickly released my grip on Max’s penis and pent it back up in his pants. I have to admit I did a pretty good job, considering I was a complete novice at this.


Max stood up and I could hear the footsteps of the department chair head toward the door. I was in position to get up myself, when the footsteps abruptly stopped. I froze.