The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 5




She whimpered a bit, and arched her pelvic, her body begging for what she craved, but couldn’t put into words. She looked up at me, merely waiting for my next move. I gently removed her jeans. After that my attention immediately shifted to her clitoris, to her beautiful pubic hair. I had to gently play with it. That only excited her more. She was on the verge of orgasm before . Just a few more of my special moves, as I liked to think of them, and I’m sure she would come. She was ripe, ready and willing. What else could any man ask for?


I lifted her off the davenport. Her body gave an ever-so-slight quiver. And I carried her to the bedroom, laying her gently on the red satin sheets. She immediately moaned ever so slightly as her body sunk into the luxurious bed.


She looked like a classic Renaissance painting come to life. Her Rubenesque body stretched across the dark red background. He legs were spread, opening and inviting. Her luscious lips slightly parted and her hair tussled just enough to be sensually enticing.


I couldn’t believe how excited I had become in this short period of time. I tried hard not to let this creature see how thrilled I was. I wasn’t sure I was successful yet.


She was already wet, more than ready to come, but I asked anyway. She squeaked something I couldn’t understand, the nodded, letting out a sigh.


I placed one knee on the oversized bed, lifted up my body. I could see she was transfixed by my dick. It had been hard for quite a while now and I knew that I could come with ease anytime.


My goal was to please her. She hungrily grabbed my shoulders with her small soft hands. I easily could have resisted, teased her more. I easily could have taken her hands and pinned them back, like I’ve done to so many women so many times before.


But I didn’t. I obeyed her and felt my dick entering her already wet vagina. And then it happened.




I couldn’t believe what was happening. I thought the events of the evening were occurring so fast on the one hand. Yet, it felt that each of his touches occurred isolated in a vacuum and moved in slow motion. My head spun with excitement as he lifted me up as if I were as light as a feather.


I could feel his breath up against my ear and that alone brought me that much closer to an orgasm. So I promised myself I wasn’t going to come until he was ready, but his continual exploring of every inch of my body made that promise difficult to keep.


He touched me in places that I never knew were even connected to anything sensual or sexual. I couldn’t keep my gaze off of him as he undressed. Beneath the tie and shirt was a torso that begged to be caressed. Then he took off his pants. His dick was already hard screaming to be free of his jockey shorts. Was this man teasing me? Would he just take his shorts off already? I propped my body up on my elbows momentarily in an effort to do it myself. But this was no do it yourself project.


He had been teasing me. His grin as he stripped off his shorts filled his entire face said so. Damn. Could he read me like a book? Was I that transparent? I didn’t even know him.


I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of his face as it glowed with excitement because the size of his cock drew my attention toward his groin area. I fluttered my eyelids for a moment and wondered what it would feel like inside me.


He asked if I were ready. Ready to come. I tried to tell him, “Oh, God yes! I had been ready since the moment I first saw him.” I opened my mouth to say so, but no words would come out. All I could do to tell him how badly I needed him was to nod. I hoped that would get the idea across.


It must have because he began to climb onto the bed. Since I was incapable of talking, the only was I had to tell him of my needs and desires was to reach up for those shoulders, those unbelievably robust shoulders. They were much stronger than I ever imagined and I momentarily became nervous as I touched them. I immediately felt the power they could wield.


I had a moment of regret. What was I thinking? A man like this alpha male naturally wanted to be in charge. The way he effortlessly carried me to bed in his Rhett Butler manner told me this.


If he resented my reach or my straightforwardness, he never showed it. Instead he complied. He lifted himself up onto the bed while I continued to pull him close. He expertly guided his dick into me.


“Are you ready?” he asked. My response caught in my throat. I know I moved my lips but no sounds came out. I merely nodded. “Yes! Yes!” I thought. “Now! Now!” Could I convey my excitement and my sense of expectancy with a weak nod?


Apparently I could. He knew exactly what to do. His cock went into my vagina smoothly and I became even more excited. Then he began his rhythmic movement, slowly at first up and down, up and down. Faster and faster he moved. It felt as if every fiber of my being was experiencing this moment.


I could feel his heart beating like a jackhammer. For a moment I had presence of mind enough to think “My body is making his this excited. I never thought anyone would enjoy my body.” But swiftly the thought passed as I could feel his penis harden still more. This would be it, I discovered. 


My blood coursed throughout my body like rocket fuel and in the next instance he ignited it.