The Billionaire Professor (2015)

Chapter 4




I tossed the keys to the Lamborghini to the valet. I gave him a generous tip. I knew the car would be well taken care of. I walked over to what I now called the sleeping beauty, took her hand and guided her through the door. The doorman bowed and tipped his hat.


She reacted as if she were born for this royal treatment. She walked proudly by my side. We entered the elevator to the top floor, a floor that I had rented out for myself for who knows how many years. The elevator door closed. I turned to her and my tongue quickly resumed exploring her mouth. This time she pressed her body against mine -- hard. Any hesitation she might have had vanished in the solitude of this tiny box.


She pressed her body close to mine, purposely putting pressure on my penis. I closed my eyes at the instant hardening of the organ. I took my hand and cupped her breast. I took as much as I could in my hand and pressed and massaged it, gently at first, then with more vigor. She emitted a pleasurable moan. She didn’t hesitate to place her hand on my penis, rubbing it. This beauty had a magic touch. Despite my resolve to try to remain cool and calm, I immediately responded.


I could feel her heartbeat quicken. It turned me on even more. This would be the perfect evening. My desire to lead her on slowly, suddenly vanished. I became a man in need. And she was exactly what I needed. Every inch of the luscious, curvacious body. I hadn’t felt hot in years – perhaps decades.


I slowly disengaged my mouth from hers momentarily. “I lease the entire floor, my dear,” I told her, “so there will be no one but us when we get off the elevator. Especially at this time of night.” She moved not a muscle as she looked up at me. All too soon the elevator stopped.


My more civil sense told me to disengage and take her hand. My savage side told me to keep kissing her, keep pawing at her breasts until we reached the door. In respect for this eternal beauty though, I withdrew and took her hand in mine.


Her small fingers, wrapped around my hand, tightened. Her body slowly, but noticeably melded closer to mine. I draped my arm around her. Her head cradled comfortably under my arm. Until that moment I didn’t realize how short she was. The best gifts come in small packages. That’s what my mother always told me. Of course, I’m sure this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.




I confess. I melted. The moment the valet opened the door for me, the moment I realized this gentlemen with a seemingly ravenous hunger for sex really was taking me to the Plaza, the moment I stepped into the lobby, I wanted to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. A private floor. I’m not sure exactly where that lands on the scale of impressive, but I have a hunch it’s light years beyond “I’m-bringing-the-football quarterback home.”


He took my hand and acted the perfect gentleman as we crossed the lobby. I wondered if anyone suspected what had gone on in the car. Perhaps that was mild and ordinary for him, but it was the sexual thrill of a lifetime. Dowdy, dumpy, frumpy Jazmin riding in a Lamborghini and experiencing the most incredibly exiting sexual surge of my life – delivered by what appeared to be some type of mega-milllionaire. An enchanting Prince Charming.


The moment we entered the Penthouse and he closed and locked the door, everything changed. He approached me confidently, boldly and spoke more than several words. “You have no idea young lady, how supremely perfect your body is. I wanted you the moment I saw you standing there in the bar. I can’t believe you consented to my proposal. You have been what I’ve dreamed about for years, perhaps decades.”


While he was plying me with these incredible words, he began to massage my breast again, as if his hand couldn’t be torn from my bosom for more than a few moments at a time. I felt the electricity flow through me again, this time with such a force, I swear I was already near the point of orgasm.


He must have had a sixth sense, because he led me to the couch, lowered my body and stripped my blouse off.  Before I realized what I was doing, my pelvis arched, hoping to feel a part of him, to be a part of him, just a bit longer.