Habits of the Super Rich (2015)

Chapter 5: The Powerful Habit of a Mastermind Group




If you have heard of Mastermind groups prior to this, you may have thought of them like a support group. But they aren’t. Most support groups are aimed at people overcoming a singular disease, addiction or a trauma. Probably about the most well-known of these is Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also groups that help cancer patients get through their treatments or even groups for those experiencing with Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder.


All of those organizations help people cope with their present situation to help you deal with life as you meet it head on. A Mastermind group differs in that it’s designed to propel you forward. It’s all about enabling you – and your partners in your group – in

working toward a dream or achieving your goal.


Having said that, don’t think for a moment those observations about support groups are meant to malign any of them. They are extremely important and in many ways are, indeed, propelling those participants to success. But Masterminding offers a different kind of support.


Don’t think it has to be an enormous or even elaborate goal you bring to your group for aid. Some individuals join a Mastermind group solely to work toward their goal of working toward an “authentic” life. In very simple terms the group is designed to propel you toward something in the future, not about healing you from past events.


While this sounds like an easy enough task, this is exactly the reason many Mastermind groups fail. Some members eventually start slipping into a different mindset.


Before you decide to either start one or to join such a group, remember that it requires quite a bit of positive energy. You’re not only trying to provide yourself with a booster shot of optimism and positive energy, but you’re also holding that same level of energy for others in your group.


  1. A Mastermind group is a “no whining zone”


Seriously, it is. No single person should dominate the conversation trying to conduct a “pity party.” Technically speaking, no person should dominate the conversation at all.


Each individual present should get roughly the same amount of time to present his or her vision of the future to the group. This is the time to quickly talk about your goals, dreams and the challenges that accompany the achievement of them.


The concept behind a Mastermind group is creating a mindset for success. That can’t be done if members are allowed to whine about problems. Remember the law of attraction. What you think about you bring into manifestation.


Before you enter your group, get yourself mentally prepared for an exciting, energy-expending time. Not only will you be excited about the events in your future, a large part of this group is creating and maintaining excitement for your partners’ projects as well.


  1. An effective Mastermind group will pull you out of your comfort zone.

If you haven’t discovered this concept yet, creating success is difficult if you refuse to step out of your comfort zone. You can’t build a career as a novelist if you prefer to spend your days avoiding pen and paper or your computer. That’s not going to get you to the level of success you hunger for.


If you’re truly honest with yourself, you’d admit that’s exactly what you’re trying to do – jump out of your comfort zone. You’ll discover during this time you’ll living beyond it, as well as making future plans that should keep you out of it for a while longer. Mastermind groups are potentially effective because they force you to push you past your old limits. They surprise you with how far you can take your new limits.


  1. Mastermind is synonymous with accountability

Every time you attend a session, you’re part of a culture of accountability. You become responsible for your own success. You can’t walk in and blame the alignment of the stars for your not succeeding. You can’t give any vague excuses for not meeting your next goal.


You may be moaning about it at this point, but give it a try. You’ll discover that it’s the best thing you can do for your career and goals.


  1. The successful Mastermind group creates ideas and manifests resources


That sounds like almost an impossible task for several people who are all living different lives propelling themselves toward their individual successes. But believe it or not it’s true and it has worked for an amazing number of individuals


Don’t chalk this up to dumb luck. Because that’s not the reason a host of various actions and ideas erupts in these groups. It’s the synergistic power of many focusing – even for a few moments – on the dreams, goals and intentions of another person. Okay, it may sound corny. It may sound hokey. Call it anything you like. But the bottom line is that it works. 


It’s at this very moment that the law of attraction kicks in and connections are uncovered and resources revealed. It usually is not only helpful that individual, but others in the group may have that “eureka” moment and a gem within the conversation that they can mine.    


  1. There’s a mystical element to a Mastermind session.


Person after person has commented on this. There is, indeed, a mystical element to these meetings. You may consider this a bit odd because your group had no intention of creating a mystical or even spiritual group when you formed it.


But the longer you and your partners are together as a group, asking the universe to lead you on your next step to success, the faster you’ll discover these requests are fulfilled. It’s part of retraining the subconscious mind to listen to you. Another reason your requests seem to get a swifter response the longer you do it is that you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind.


Those are the basic tenets of any good Mastermind session. As the steps indicate, you may discover that the group starts off a bit slow. Answers to your requests, manifestation of even the smallest of your goals may take time. But as you begin to work with the group members, your subconscious mind and the universal laws, you’ll discover you’re not so much requesting as you are positively affirmation.


You’ll soon learn that all you need to do is claim your good. The moment you decide on your path, the universe and the amazing power of your mind go to work in making it happen.


In addition to using the universal laws and building a Mastermind group, successful individuals practice a host of positive habits that help to usher in and sustain their success. In the following chapter, you’ll discover how to create the habits of the highly successful. Once you know how to create and establish these, you’ll find that your journey to success will be kicked into overdrive.