The Secret of Creating Your Reality (2015)

Chapter 3: We are the Creator



Thought Power and Creating Our Reality


Many people are unaware of the fact that we are responsible for the realities that we create.  It is often overlooked that our realities are always in our own control. What exactly is controlling our realities you ask? Our thoughts of course! Our thoughts have immense power and control over us and we often overlook the fact. It is the way we think that influences our life and creates our realities.


If we can always remember and get it etched in our mind that our thoughts are our controllers, we can greatly improve the quality of our life. The reason why the majority of us unconsciously create the same or negative realities is because we want proof. Our minds are programmed in a manner that demands proof, in order for it to come to a conclusion. We will not think a certain way unless our mind accepts logical proof for it. Whilst it is not the case with everyone, many people fall victim and unconsciously create their realities and this process repeats repeatedly. However, the problem is that truth is a subjective term. It can vary according to various perspectives.


Let’s take a simple example. Water is poured in a glass until it covers half. Two people are looking at the same glass. Person A sees the glass as half-full, whilst Person B sees the glass as half-empty. Both people have come to their separate conclusions in terms of how full or empty the glass is but the way the people think reflects the kind of people that they are and how their thoughts control their realities. Person A and Person B are both correct because the glass is half-full but it is also half-empty. However, Person A thought optimistically and hence saw the glass being half-full. On the other hand, Person B thought pessimistically and saw the glass being half-empty. Both are right in their own way but their thoughts greatly differ and reflect their personalities. Our thoughts have the power to make us or break us.


The key to creating our reality is thought power. In order to create a rewarding destiny, one must have full control of their habitual thoughts and their nature. The nature of your thoughts attracts the kind of life that you live and once you can monitor your thoughts, you can easily work your way towards living a better life. Many people are unaware of how powerful their thoughts actually are and end up becoming victims of depression, procrastination or wasting time.


The thought power cannot only limit one’s mental ability but physical ability too. A small thought can attract another thought that will in turn attract another one and the cycle goes on…The result? A person’s mind flooded with thoughts (that may even be meaningless) and the person feeling helpless or in a state of mental distress. In order to stop thoughts from wasting your time, it is important to understand thought power. Here are a few aspects that can help you and should always be remembered. 


Always remember that outside effects are correspondent to inner causes


"Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him." The effects that we witness in our physical world reflect our inner thoughts and mentality. This is the ultimate essence of the power of our thoughts. One is responsible for the various conditions experienced in life since they are the result of one’s collective beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, if you’re down you can easily put up a show but if you are truly not happy from inside, it will reflect in the way you act and talk to others. People can judge your thoughts by the way you act and talk.


Majority of the people have the misconception that they are prone to thinking a certain way due to their circumstances. They don’t even realize that it is their very thoughts that lead to the circumstances that they face. Whether those circumstances are good or bad, their thoughts are responsible for creating them. Creating your reality is an inside job that requires understanding. You can only create better realities and a better life for yourself, provided that you can change the way you think and take responsibilities for your thoughts. It isn’t as easy as it seems and it is even more difficult for a person who thinks negatively. However, with a little bit of knowledge, understanding and assistance, one can create a better life for themselves and can help others in polishing their thoughts.


The Herd Mentality


Another important aspect that has the power to affect our reality is the herd mentality. The herd mentality is something that can destroy your mental strength without you even realising it. Having a herd mentality refers to accepting a certain way of thinking just because the majority of the people think that way. People can be greatly influenced by the thoughts and beliefs of others and can unconsciously have them take over their ability to control their own thoughts. This is very damaging since one’s mind is trained to accepting what the majority think and then it considers it as valid or a truth. This way, others actually become the controller of your thoughts and decisions and hence, the outcomes are always limited or not exactly in your favour. An example of the herd mentality include being superstitious. A black cat will not necessarily imply that you will have bad luck but because the majority associates black cats with superstition, your mind will naturally be prone into thinking negative.


There is No Limit to the Power of your Thoughts


The mind is very powerful, more powerful than you could imagine. It is responsible for every thought and every corresponding reaction. There is no limit to the amount of thoughts going through a person’s head. Each person’s thoughts will vary according to their nature and ability to perceive things in a certain way. A creative person will be able to create far more thoughts and mental scenarios as compared to a person who is not creative. Whilst this can be an advantage at times, it can also be a disadvantage.


Let’s take an example. When presented with a problem, a creative person will be able to think of multiple solutions. In this case, being creative and having a better thinking power is advantageous. On the other hand, the same creativity can cause the person to become a victim of meaningless thoughts that can prove to be a problem. These unnecessary thoughts can leave a person feeling very negative and hopeless about things. When a person can understand that they can be carried away by their thoughts, they can learn to control them and limit them to an amount that is healthy for their lives. The mind is very powerful and once a person can comprehend that they have the power within them, it can help them towards creating better realities.


All Thoughts do not have the same Power


According to the law of attraction, like energy attracts like energy. How does this affect our reality? It’s actually quite simple. When we think positive and are happy, we attract positive energy and stay happy. On the other hand, when we think negatively, we subconsciously give off negative energy attracting the negative energy around us. A person that is feeling positive and happy will be more likely to see the good in things; whereas, a person who is down will be prone to seeing the negative side of things. We attract what we feel. Our thoughts, beliefs and mental attitudes will formulate consequences according to their nature and hence, understanding the law of attraction will help in attracting only good things for ourselves.


All thoughts are alive. How? Well, everything around us is energy and that energy has an effect on us. Even if those thoughts are meaningless fantasies, they are alive and have the power to affect us in one way or the other.  Every time we think of something, it causes the emission of a certain frequency that in return, reflects to what we feel. Therefore, being aware of the fact that our thoughts are alive will help us in controlling them. When we know that each and every little thought will affect us, we will naturally try to focus on the quality of our thoughts. This is very important and can help a great deal in the way we think and can help us in keeping realistic expectations.


Our thoughts have different power depending upon the energy given to them. Our habitual thoughts are far more powerful and have a greater influence on us over thoughts that are not habitual. What we feel from day to day has far more power than we can imagine and can define us unknowingly. The more energy that you give to a certain thought, the more power that thought has over you. Therefore, if you become a victim of thoughts that end up controlling your life, it is your own fault since you have given those thoughts too much energy and attention.


If you want to keep thoughts from affecting your life, you must limit the amount of energy that you give to them. This can be effectively accomplished by keeping one’s self busy. If you are a person who is prone to feeling miserable due to constant negative thoughts, simply focus your attention on other things. For e.g. when you feel that you are falling into a whirlpool of negativity, get up and do something that diverts your attention. You could read a book, cook something or watch a movie. Whatever you do, the idea is to get your mind off those thoughts.


Programme your Mind and Change your Life


The subconscious mind is responsible for creating our reality. If we truly wish to attract only good in our life, we must train our mind to do so. This can be thought of as a programming session. In order for us to be able to change our life for good, we must programme or rather re-programme our mind that has been working on default. We must programme our mind to think only of what we want it to think. This can be achieved through creative visualisation. Creative visualisation is a technique involved in creating realities. It involves the use of thought power to create the realities that we wish to witness. It is accomplished by creative imagination. The imagination powerfully transforms the thoughts into mental images. These images then correspond to what one feels in the physical world.


In order to make the most of thought power, one must take control over their habitual thoughts and learn to transform them. However, it does not imply that each and every little thought is taken seriously and needs to be worked on. Otherwise, it will take away from the effectiveness of controlling one’s thoughts. You must be aware of your thoughts but not obsessed about them. If you are going to be obsessed with each and every thought, you will only give them more power over you. Instead, focus on replacing those thoughts if they are not helping you grow. Replace every bad thought with a positive thought to cancel it out. If something is making you feel miserable, think of a good memory or something funny that can take away the power of the thought that was bringing you down. “What you plant now, you harvest later.”  Focus on replacing your thoughts today and it will help you work your way towards a better future.


You must learn to tame the thoughts that have the most power or control over you. The dominant thoughts are the ones that need to be worked on since they affect your reality. Do not waste your time stressing over every thought. Monitor your feelings and analyse the thoughts that are responsible for creating those unwanted feelings. It is those thoughts that need your attention. Once you can effectively tame your dominant thoughts, you will naturally be able to improve the quality of your overall thoughts.


Negative Thinking and How to get it Out


Negative thinking is horrible. It can do a lot more damage to you than you can imagine. Negative thoughts have too much power and when those thoughts are given more energy, they can instantly have you falling into depression. Too many people are becoming victims of depression and it is due to negativity that is given the power to control one’s life. One must remember that life is not going to be all-smooth; there will be ups and downs in everyone’s life. To think negative or to experience times of distress is completely natural however, what matters is the way we respond to that negativity.


When we think negatively, we are giving off low vibrations. These negative vibrations or energy attracts other similar vibrations. In return, a person ends up feeling more negative. What we put out, i.e. negative energy, we get it back and hence, unconsciously become victims of creating realities that are doing us no good. If we don’t get hold of these negative thoughts and control them, we turn those thoughts into habitual thoughts. These habitual thoughts gradually become dominant ones and turn into vicious negative cycles that repeat time after time. 


Even if we are not generally negative-thinkers, we can easily fall into the trap when we decide to give power to our negative thoughts. Just a single negative thought can lead to a network of negativity and have one feeling depressed. In order to let go of negative thoughts, we have to first acknowledge that they exist. Acknowledging that they exist is a better step than working to instantly replace those thoughts. People that are depressed or feeling down due to negativity cannot just let go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones straight away. It isn’t that easy. Rather, one can acknowledge those thoughts and then think about gradually letting them go. This process is more practical and easier for one to manage.

Let’s take a closer look at how negative thoughts can be controlled and managed effectively.


The Importance of Staying Calm


Whenever we experience negative thoughts, we are often unaware of their impact. Those negative thoughts build up without us knowing and we later realise that we wasted the last 30 minutes on useless worrying. When we can become aware of our negative thoughts, we can work on controlling them the instant that they arrive.


Negative thoughts can have us instantly responding to them. Those responses that are a consequence of negativity only add more negativity. These negative thoughts can cause you to react and feel regretful for reacting in a certain way. Therefore, it is very important to stay calm before reacting straight away. If you cannot let go of negative thoughts altogether, consider changing the way you respond to them.


Assess the Thought


There are countless thoughts that a person experiences but are exactly all of them valid or even true? Many a times, people end up giving power to thoughts that may not even be true or may be useless negative scenarios that a person has unconsciously created in the mind. These thoughts have negative consequences and when one learns that the thought was not that much of a concern, the feeling of regret makes one feel pathetic! Therefore, assess the thoughts and limit the contemplation period. Do your thoughts even deserve the amount of attention and time that you are giving them? The answer is usually “No.”


Instead of having the negative thoughts building up and turning into a grand scenario of negativity, focus your attention on thinking positively about those thoughts. For every negative thought or feeling, tell yourself that it may be for your betterment. You can even think of it as a lesson learnt and then focus on moving on. The idea is to change the way you respond to a negative thought by training your mind to think positively. When you think positively, you ultimately take away the power of your negative thoughts.


Why wait for the first negative thought to attract more negativity and cause you distress? Catch the first thought and control it before it spreads. If you can catch the very start of the negativity, you can control it before it grows into a bigger issue. Therefore, kill the first negative thought by diverting your attention elsewhere. It can help a great deal!


Do Not Blame Yourself


As mentioned before, it is completely natural to become a victim of negative thoughts. However, the worst you can do is blame yourself by entering a mode of self-sympathy. Remind yourself that everybody thinks negatively at some point in their life but you will not let that negativity get in your way. As long as you can understand that feeling negative is human but you can master your mental ability by accepting and moving on, you can easily start to live a happier and healthier life.


In a nutshell, the thought process has a major impact on reality creation. As long as an individual can understand the power of the thoughts, they can work their way towards creating better realities for themselves. Always remember that your life will reflect the way you feel. Therefore, if you want to live a happier life, you can only achieve that if you are internally happy. Once you master controlling your thoughts, feeling and emotions, you can change your life in miraculous ways! As the famous quote states, “Change your thoughts and you change your reality.” Try it today and you will instantly feel the positive affect that it has on you, not just mentally but physically too.






Do what makes you Happy


All that matters in the end is doing what makes you happy. This is a proven fact. You need to completely disregard what others think about what you do or how it will affect the amount of money you make. If it makes you happy, you need to be doing more of it. Whether it’s a job, a certain activity, a passion or even if it means being silly and having some fun, if it’s lifting your spirits, it deserves more of your time. It can be easy to neglect the importance of happiness in this fast-paced world but you need to change your priorities. You must follow your emotion and do what makes you happy. Your happiness should always be your first priority. Even if you get a well-paying job, what use is that job if it is providing for you but taking the happiness away from your life? Wouldn’t you prefer a job that pays you less but gives you time and allows you to be happy? Whether it means getting to spend more time with loved ones or simply being able to enjoy the job responsibilities, being happy about something is always going to be more rewarding. The rewards will not be just for that time but also for the long run.


Doing what brings you happiness will change your life in a way that you never imagined. Many people restrict their happiness because they feel that they are not allowed to feel that way or that it’s not worth it because it may not bring monetary benefits. Others may not follow their emotions and passions because they feel that they cannot make a living out of it or simply do not have the time. What’s worse is when people are aware of something that makes them happy but choose to distance themselves from it because they feel that their money-making lives are more important. Well, to make money and earn a good living is important but what about your happiness? Are you sure you are going to live long enough to reap the rewards of your hard work? Are you sure that you are going to have that job for forever and not be kicked out randomly one fine day? What guarantee does your life give you that you will have time for happiness later on if you sacrifice it today?


This does not imply that a person starts wasting their time on useless activities because they are told to be happy and having a job means that their happiness will be put at stake. Rather, it reflects the importance of understanding that everything must be balanced in life. You cannot be working hard all the time and not enjoy yourself. You cannot just have a job because it pays you well but is causing you to be depressed because it’s too much of a burden. You cannot just distance yourself from happiness because of the mere thought of what other people will think. You only live once and you deserve to live a life that pleases you and keeps you happy. Therefore, learn to balance that life by changing your priorities. When you learn to follow your emotions and do what makes you happy, you create rewarding realities.


It is always better to consciously create your realities instead of waiting to see what happens. When you are aware that your mind is the ultimate power source that controls the way you feel, think and react, you naturally start to become more conscious. So why not consciously create and create for good? All it requires is some practice but it is not impossible to achieve. Regardless if it takes you a week or a month to get you started with consciously creating realities, it will always be beneficial for you and your loved ones. Not only will you see an improvement in your mood, your happiness will reflect in everything you do.


If you’re depressed, you will be plagued by negativity and your entire day will be ruined. This causes you to lag behind and miss deadlines. This not only ruins your day, but it also has an adverse effect on your mental and physical health. Your mood and your perspective defined the type of day you have, if you maintain a positive attitude then no matter what goes wrong in your day, you achieve the strength to overcome those obstacles. However, if you adopt a negative attitude you find yourself unable to tackle even the simplest of problems. Your attitude towards something defines how good you are at it, so don’t let your negativity dictate your life. In fact, be positive and everything will fall right into place.


If you are happy and you cook, the results will be better because you would have enjoyed what you cooked and would have done it with love. If you are happy and you hear a joke, it can surprisingly seem funnier. Similarly, everything around you will make you happy because your mind will subconsciously be giving off positive vibes. Happiness is so powerful that it can make you see the sunshine even when it’s dark and gloomy outside. That internal feel good factor is so powerful that it can create realities that you’ve always wanted and can improve the quality of your life.


In order to consciously create realities, you must take time to sit down and analyse your thoughts. Ask yourself why something is a certain way and whether it’s the result of your thought power. Imagine your life by picturing what your life would look like if your thoughts were different and happier. How would it affect you and the things you do and how would they help you in the long run. When you can visualise your life in a better state than it currently is, you will begin to realise that your future and your realities are in your own hand.


Start by thinking of the job that you have. Are you happy with it? If yes, great! If you’re not, think of why you are not happy. Is it because you are not being paid well? Is it because it is taking too much of your time? Is it because it is miserable due to the staff at work or is it because you simply just don’t like your job? Ask yourself why you are still doing something that is not keeping you happy and understand that you deserve better. Not only do you deserve better, better yet… you can create better realities. How? Simple! Change your job, follow your emotions, and do what makes you happy. Earn a living through your passion and witness it transform your life in miraculous ways. You’ll instantly start to notice that your priorities will not be money because the rewards that you’ll get from your happiness will feel so precious.


Why wait for the stage of regret when so many years have passed and you’ve earned well but have missed out on the fun? Imagine living a life when you can finally rest and want to enjoy yourself but you don’t have the energy? Isn’t it scary? Is that what you deserve? No! Anybody can consciously create realities and live a better life. Regardless of your age, profession or goals in life, you have the power to transform and enhance your life through the creation of realities. Nothing just happens because it’s meant to be. You have the power within you to create the realities and that power has always been there.


Now is the time that you need to make use of that power and allow it to transform your life for good! Get hold of your thoughts by learning to control them and minimizing their negative impacts.  Know when it is time to let go or indulge in activities that are mentally helping you to grow. Get out of your bubble and take better risks, risks that allow you to do what makes you happy. “Change your thoughts and let them change your reality.” Now is the time to stop worrying about what people will think and focusing on the things that will make you happy. Remember, you can shape your realities the way you want. You can choose to entertain negative thoughts and have them leaving you depressed or you can choose to be happy by doing what you love and thinking positively and therefore, living a life that you enjoy and appreciate. You’ll just be better at anything and everything that you do!


Let’s look at simple ways that can help you do what you love and shape better realities. When something does not make you happy…


Change it:


If something is not making you happy, change it. Of course, it’s easier said than done but you have to understand that the power is always within you. If it’s a job, consider changing your job. If it’s a friend who’s continuously bringing you down, consider having another friend who can make you feel better. Regardless of what it is that is bringing you down, changing it will help you get out of the negativity. Focus on what makes you happy and like Nike always say, “Just do it.”


Ignore it:


Another great way to do what makes you happy is to ignore your negative thoughts. You can be in the mood to do something but the thought of what others will think or other negative thoughts can have you changing your mind and putting your happiness at stake. Don’t fall into the trap that can easily take your happiness away from you. Whether it’s other people or other priorities, ask yourself if they actually deserve the status that you have subconsciously given them. Simply ignore the negativity and continue doing what makes you happy. As long as you’re happy and are not doing anything wrong, why even entertain the negativity?


Replace it:


This one’s simple. When a certain thought is keeping your happiness far away from you, replace that thought. It’s easy. The moment you can become aware that a certain thought is doing you no good, you must focus on replacing that though with a better one. If you love chocolate, get hold of a bar. If you love to read, go grab that book. Any thought that is better; even if it’s a good memory…it will do the trick. The idea is to get your mind off the thought that was not letting you be happy.


Learn from it:


It’s normal for us to make mistakes and ruin our own happiness. Instead of sulking over why and how things went wrong, consider it a lesson and progress forward. Life is too short to sit down and allow your thoughts to constrain your freedom to be happy. Simply allow the experience to help you in growing mentally and move forward in the direction of your happiness.


See it with different lens:


You can also do what makes you happy by changing the way you look at something that isn’t making you happy. Sounds confusing but the essence is simple! Simply change your perspective about whatever is keeping your happiness away from you. If you’re working in a call centre and handling a multitude of customer calls every day, think about how many people you are helping. All those calls…think of how many lives you are making easier, even if it means helping them solve a basic technical problem. When you can learn to see things differently, you can do what makes you happy.


So whether it’s a job, a decision or aspect of life, if it isn’t making you happy, you are not growing. When you’re not growing mentally, you are unconsciously creating realities in default-mode. Get out of the herd mentality and get it etched in your mind that you are responsible for the realities that you create and you have the power to change them. Creating realities is no rocket science. Anybody can create realities that are more rewarding and they can effectively accomplish it at any stage of their life. All it requires is some awareness, dedication and you’re good to go. Start creating better realities today and live a rewarding life- a life that you deserve!