The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend (2015)

Chapter Ten


Serena and Paris were in the party at last. The music was loud and everyone around them was having the time of their life. Out of nowhere, Madrick appeared behind Paris. His hands instantly moving around her hips. His touch made Paris jump, but she was happy to see him, even though her face showed annoyance. But soon, Paris’ cold exterior melted. Seemed Madrick had a magic touch. 

The couple slowly slid away, leaving Serena alone in the crowd. Sadness settled in Serena just before arms went around her. In shock, she turned. 

It was Troy.

His eyes were as intense as the beat of the music. In an instant, she was thrown over his shoulder. The lift, flawless. There had been so strain. Serena tried to remove his arms from around her, but failed. If she were completely honest with herself, she could say that she hadn’t really tired. It didn’t mean Troy had to know. “What are you doing?” Serena shouted over the music.

He didn’t answer her until they were a safe distance from the crowd. He put her down once the stood in front of the doors leading to the resorts entrance. “Why are you mad at me?”

Serena studied him. “I’m not mad at you anymore. Honestly, I was mad at myself.” Serena crossed her arms under her chest. “I knew you wouldn’t give me what I wanted, but I still wanted you.”

Troy took a step towards her. “What do you want, Serena?” He brought his arms back around her, pulling her close. “I’ll give you whatever you want.” 

Staring into his eyes was almost enough to make Serena cry. He didn’t get it. “You can’t afford to give it me.”

“Let me decide what I can afford.”

Serena dropped her arms and squared her shoulders. “I want you to love me.”

Troy grinned. “Too late for that. I already do love you. What else do you want?” 

Serena’s copper eyes widened. She was lost for words.

Troy wasn’t. His hands moved up her arms and gently cupped her face. “What do you want, Serena?” He whispered. His breath brushed Serena’s lips. They parted. Troy placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I already love you. Do you want to be with me forever? Do you want to wake up next to me and watch sunsets in my arms for the rest of her life?” He placed another kiss on her lips. This one a little deeper. 

Serena sighed. Her arms gripped his shirt. She didn’t understand. Where was all of this coming from? “Why now?” She asked, willing to break the  magic that was happening between them. She wanted everything Troy was offering, but didn’t understand what had changed his mind. “Do you only love me because I saved your resort?” She had to know.

Troy looked into her eyes and smiled. “No, Serena. I’ve loved you for a long time. You just scare the hell out of me.”

That surprised her. “What do you mean?”

Troy placed a small kiss on her forehead, both cheeks, and nose. “From the first time I touched you, I knew that you would always have a tie to my heart, but I wasn’t ready to give any of myself to anyone. I needed to be in control of my destiny. I couldn’t afford distractions.”

Serena wrapped her hands around Troy’s, but she didn’t move them from the side of her face. There were tears in her eyes. “Troy, I would never stop you from being successful. I want to help you succeed at anything and everything you set your mind to. You have to know that. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Troy stared at her. Serena was right. She’d always been supportive of him. She wouldn’t have held him back. She probably would have made him better. He’d wasted so many years without her by his side. He wouldn’t waste anymore. 

Troy dropped his hand. He then dropped to his knee. “Serena, marry me.”

Serena looked down into his eyes. He was serious. The moment was too much for her. She choked. She dropped to her knees then, joining him in the sidewalk. Her arms went around him them. His arms encircled her as well. Serena didn’t need to voice her answer. There was only one her heart to let her give. Yes.