The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend (2015)

Chapter Seven


Troy watched her go, hating himself for watching the red triangle of fabric move across her tan, plush flesh. He took a breather and retreated to his office. Serena loved him. The news made him feel… stupid. How had he not known? All the times they’d hung out together and he’d never known. He was normally good at catching on to a woman’s feelings. Serena wasn’t the first person who’d said ‘I love you’ to him. Over the years, he’d probably heard it or seen it in the eyes of one of his sexual partners around a dozen times. It was the reason that he tried to end relations quickly. One night stands were normally his style. No mess. No confusion. But, it hadn’t gone that way with Serena. One taste of her hadn’t been enough. He’d spend an entire week in her bed, but in the end, the outcome had been the same. Except, Serena’s confession had done something to him. 

Troy grabbed his chest, remembering the feeling he’d gotten when the words had left her lips. I love you. The phase was so common that it rarely meant anything, but those three little words had rocked him. 

Idly, Troy picked up one of his office trinkets from his desk. He moved the rock shaped object around in his hand. Troy stood there, as a question popped into his head. The question he’d been trying to ignore. How do you feel about her?

Anger. Troy threw the rock across the room. It hit his office door, the blow causing a whole. He’d have to get that fixed. But it felt good.  How dare she? In one breath she confessed her love. In the next, she’s giving him ultimatums. Either love her back or lose her forever. She couldn’t be her friend. She was willing to throw away a lifelong friendship over feelings?

Rounding the desk, Troy took a seat. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He didn’t have time for this. There was someone out to get him. He needed to deal with that. Anything else was a distraction that needed to be eliminated. He’d avoid Serena for the rest of her stay. Hopefully, by tomorrow, the mystery would be solved.