The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend (2015)

Chapter Five


Serena had no illusions as to why Troy wanted to show her to her room. It was the reason she’d like him. The desire. It was clouding Serena’s mind, her vision. She wasn’t going to be able take down The Palace’s terrorist and fight her need to Troy at the same time. 

They both stood in front of the executive elevator. Their door had a chrome finish. Serena glanced at his reflection and was immediately caught in the fire that burned behind his eyes. A fire that burned for her. His stare intense. A heat touched her skin. She quickly looked away from him. 

Troy laughed. Serena came to stand in front of him, her eyes locked with his. “What’s so funny?”

“You are,” a laugh still in his voice. “You’re acting like I’m going to attack you.”

Serena placed her hands on her shapely hips. “Are you saying that you won’t?”

A flicker placed in Troy’s eyes. They narrowed. He took a step towards her. His mouth took on a grin. He looked the big bad wolf, ready to devour her. Serena took a cautious step back. The elevator chimed. The doors opened. She scrambled inside. Another rich laugh escaped Troy’s lips. He calmly strolled into the elevator cart. The doors closed, locking them in it, trapping her with him. Alone.

Serena felt her back hit the glass behind her. Troy had matched her retreating steps. He stood over her now. He leaned in towards her. His body blocking her from moving. Serena could feel his breath on her face. Its heat spread like wildfire, hitting her in her core, an ache began. An ache she was sure Troy was heal. The elevator began to move.

Troy brought his face closer to Serena’s. He watched as her eyes slide close, her pink lips parted, ready for his kiss. He would kiss her, but first. He had to know. “What do you want, Serena?”

Her eyes fluttered open. Confusion lit Serena’s face. “What do you mean?”

What did he mean? He meant a lot of things. It was pretty obvious what she wanted right now, but what would she want tomorrow? This time, he didn’t want there to be any mistakes as to what he wanted. Sex. That was all. If knowing that would change her mind about tonight, then so be it, he’d find someone else. Yes, he wanted Serena, but not enough to cause her anymore pain. He reached up and gently touched a finger to her cheek. “You have whatever you want tonight, Serena. But only tonight.”

Serena narrowed her eyes. Her nose wrinkled. Troy found it adorable. “You haven’t changed.”

Troy shook his head. “No, I haven’t.” And he didn’t plan on it. 

Serena looked away. Troy backed up, giving her space. He went to stand on the other side of the elevators. 

Serena looked out of the glass behind her. They’d come up pretty high. Where were they going? She turned towards them then. He was still looking at her. Watching her. Waiting for her answer. What did she want? After ten years, more than anything, Serena wanted Troy to feel the way she felt about him. She wanted him to love her, but she wasn’t foolish enough to voice it. So what was the next best thing? She wanted him to see her, a stronger Serena, a matured version of the young woman he’d laid with ten years ago. They’d have this night. She would take what she needed and then she would move on. One more night and perhaps whatever spell Troy had her under would vanish.  

The elevator chimed. They’d arrived. 

Troy didn’t move. He waited.

Serena walked over to him. She leaned her body into his; pressing close to the part of him she knew was stiff. She felt the air leave his lungs. He groaned. His eyes closed right before they opened again. He was looking down at her. His arms went to circle her waist, but she moved out of his reach. She started for the open elevator door. She looked over her shoulder at him. She looked him over; her eyes travelled from his the top of his head to the soles of his shoes. She didn’t say anything, but her expression said it all. Serena turned and headed down the only hall there was. She didn’t turn back, but she could hear him follow, he’d gotten her message loud and clear.  



Serena just needed a normal room so that she could stay with all the action, but Troy had insisted on going big. She was glad he did.

Serena stepped into her room and could not find the words to describe it. Breathtaking. It was huge. Large glass windows panelled two sides of the walls. One side showing had the perfect view of the crystal blue waters of the ocean, a few pools, and some of the resorts outdoor restaurants and bars. Outside of the other wall was downtown Miami. Serena loved this city, but had never seen it from this vantage point. It was sweet! It was too much.

She turned to find Troy standing in between the living room and kitchen. The furniture and countertops were pristinely white. The coffee table glass. The floor throughout the space a dark cherry wood. It matched the wood of the cabinets. Serena was in heaven. “Troy, this is too much.”

Troy waved her off. “It’s the least I could do.”

He was apologizing, but Serena wasn’t sure what for. His outburst was in Elliot’s office or crushing her heart long ago. “Thanks,” she said, smiling. What else could she say? He returned her smile. The moment almost reminded her of the way they’d been when they were kids. Before his muscles had started to develop. Before he’d  become an ass. 

Serena walked over to him. She looked the clear blue depth of eyes. “Thank you.” 

Troy grinned. “My pleasure, but you haven’t even seen the best part.” 

He walked her over to a door. Serena followed, knowing what lay behind it. He pushed the door open. The bedroom was just a breathtaking as the main room. Serena walked into it. Her bags had already been delivered and sat in the corner. The floor in the bedroom was carpeted. A large bed sat in the middle, its soft white duvet calling her. Serena walked over to it and ran her hand against the fabric. She looked over at Troy. He still stood by the door. His arms crossed. His look arrogant. He had reason to be. The Palace was just that, a Palace. “This room is amazing.”

You look amazing in it, Troy thought. He’d watched Serena walk around the floor. One night in the room was worth more than her daily rate, but he wanted her here. Close. His place of residence took up the remaining floors of the tower. He slept just above her.

He’d missed her. Fighting with her in the elevator up had been like old times. He’d known Serena since grade school. They’d gone everywhere and had done everything together, until college. Troy had started hanging out with the other students in his major, and whenever he’d brought Serena around, they’d did nothing but tell Troy how hot she was. At first, he hadn’t believed then. To him, Serena had just looked like… Serena. But the more his friends talked, the more he started to see what they saw. She’d been cute back then, but no one could deny how beautiful the woman in front of him was.  

He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of her, not since he’d found her in Elliot’s office. She was in the room with him, his eyes would follow her. The dress she wore stopped at her knees, exposing his eyes to a pair of gorgeous legs. He’d always loved her color. Her skin had a natural tan. Troy had loved touching her skin. He’d almost felt as though he’d owned it for a moment in time.  

He walked over to where she still stood by the door. Troy held out her the key card. “Only you and I have access to this floor. The key will also get you into all the public and employee rooms.”

Serena took the key and placed it on the nightstand. She then looked up into Troy's eyes. She caught her breath, their lust so vivid. Serena nervously bit her lip. His eyes went there, staring at her mouth. 

Serena took a step back and fell on the bed. “Troy-”

Troy placed a thumb against her lips, cupping her face, silencing her. He tilted her  chin up and then replaced his thumb with her lips. 

Serena was instantly lost, surprised at her level of want. After all these years. After what he’d done to her. He licked her lips, snuffing out any negative thought of the past. All that mattered was the now. 

“Serena,” Troy's voice came out in a deep whisper. 

Serena’s lips parted. He took full advantage. He placed his faces on either side of the bed, sinking into it. His mouth pushed her backwards. Serena’s head hit the mattress. A moan escaped her lips.

Troy hands roamed over her curves. Serena sighed as his tongue invaded her mouth.  His hand rubbed the material over one of her breasts. His fingers stroked her until her nipples hardened. Serena let out another moan as she began to push herself into his hand. He stayed there for a moment, working her hardened pebble, causing tortured sounds to rip from Serena’s throat. 

Serena grabbed his head, deepening the kiss. She felt him push a knee between her legs. They parted. He freehand inched up her thigh, uncovering more of her flesh as he did. He reached his target. His finger rubbed once against her sensitive bud through her silk panty. Serena broke the kiss as her body shot off the bed. He rubbed it again. Serena pushed herself against his hand, wanting more. Troy answered her call. 

He slid a finger past her panty line and entered her. The then withdrew it. He held it his drenched finger. He looked at her. A grin on his face. “You’re quite wet for a man you can’t remember.” His grin grew. He’d been referring to her comment from earlier.

Serena tried to push Troy off, but he wouldn’t budge. “Is this a game to you?”

Troy took his coated finger and put it into his mouth. “Not at all.” His eyes grew serious then. Their dark depths making heat pool in Serena’s between her thighs. Troy dropped to his knees off the bed. He placed both of his hands around Serena’s bare thighs and pulled her body to the edge. His face positioned at their juncture, he inhaled her womanly scent. Serena shuddered.  

He placed her thighs over his wide shoulders, took her panties in both of his hands, and ripped the flimsy material apart. Serena sucked in a breath just as Troy slide his heavy tongue across her lower lips. Serena’s eyes drifted close as a cry of ecstasy past her lips. It had been so long since she’d felt the way. It was almost too much to bear.

But Troy held her in place, licking up her feminine dew. She tasted good. It was almost like a high. He left light headed, possessed. This was what Serena did to him. She probably thought that he was in control, but it was just the opposite. Her moans, her soft sighs, the way her body purred for him, made rule over his mind. Serena controlled him. It was why he’d had to let her go. It was why he couldn’t commit. No other woman was her and Serena had more power than she knew. He couldn’t let her in on her power. 

Troy's mouth worked her over, tasting her with his tongue, playing with her most sensitive parts. His hands roamed upward. This fingers massaging her as they moved. Her dress ended up over her breast. He trailed his fingers over her black bra’s lace. Using his thumbs, he brushed her nipples repeatedly, waking them.

Serena’s cries grew.  She grabbed his shoulders, preparing herself for what she knew would come. With one final flick of his tongue, she exploded, her thighs tightened around his head as she convulsed. When she came down she was out of breath. 

Troy stood then. His blue eyes were almost the color of the night sky. He took off his coat. His shirt followed then, leaving his chest bare to her. He climbed on the bed. As he got close, Serena leaned up and slid her tongue across his nipple. He shuddered. He looked into her eye and smiled. “I see you’ve learned new tricks since we last met.”

Serena locked her legs around his. In a twist of the hip, she flipped him over, straddling him then. Troy’s eyes grew wide. So did Serena’s smile. “Perhaps.” 

Her hands went to his belt. She had it off in seconds. The button and zipper followed. In a few yanks, Serena yanked both his pants and briefs off. She held her prize in her hands. She heard air hiss through Troy’s teeth and she began to stroke his velvety skin, the muscle underneath it was strong, causing his large member to stand erect. Just touching him this way was making Serena hazy with need. She couldn’t wait anymore. No more foreplay. 

Serena reached behind her and unzipped her dress. The material joined his on the floor. Serena moved up higher over him. Lifting slightly, she angled him at her entrance. She then slowly brought her body down, inviting him into her folds, inch by inch. 

She felt so soft. So wet. So tight. It took everything Troy had not to shoot off. He took deep breaths, slowing down his breathing. His sweet little Serena. How could she do this to him? When she finally had him fully imbedded into her, she stopped, staring him in the eyes. Something flickered behind her hazel eyes. Desire? Possession? She did posses him. She just didn’t know. 

Troy reached for her hips, but Serena swatted his hands away. Her hips moved then. Small circles at first, then they grew. Soon, she was riding him, sliding her slick folds down over his solid member over and over again. Each time she came down, Troy left a little bit of his soul leave him. 

He touched her hips, flipping her over, placing himself in the driver’s seat.

Troy set a fast pace. Loud cries ripped from Serena’s throat with each deep stroke. Troy reached forward, unclasping her bra. Serena breast spilt out. It bounced along with his hammering speed, tempting Troy. He couldn’t resist. He leaned forward, taking one of her erect nipples into his mouth. Serena moans just before she flipped them again, placing herself back in control. Troy’s hand roamed her soft flesh. He felt the build up begin. A fever spread in the stomach, spreading to his lower limbs. He was going to come. He had to stop her. He forgot a condom.

Troy grabbed Serena hips just as she leaned down. She licked Troy across his tender nipple again. His lips parted. He rocked inside of her, coming hard, his hands gripping her roughly as he surrendered, emptying himself deep in her womb. When he was done, he looked into her eyes. There was a grin on her face. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Panic began to arise in him. Serena climbed up his body and kissed him passionately, extinguishing all thought. 

Serena rolled off of Troy’s body and skipped to the bathroom. She felt wonderful. Her body hummed with satisfaction. She knew she would. Serena refused to think about tomorrow. Tonight, she felt amazing. In the bathroom, Serena glanced at herself in the mirror. She looked like a woman who’d just been made love to. She turned on the sinks faucet and splashed cold water on her face. She came back up. Her eyes met Troy’s threw the mirror. 

Serena smiled at him. Troy didn’t return it. “We need to talk.”

Damn, already? Serena could feel herself coming down from her high. She turned toward him. Troy stood there in bold nudity. He leaned against the entrance, confident in himself. Serena tried to keep her eyes levelled with his. “What’s up?” A robe hung nearby. She put it on; as if she could hide in it, cover up her deep feelings in the soft fabric.

“I didn’t wear a condom.” 

Serena heard the statement, but it took a moment to sink in. She sighed and waved Troy off, realizing what Troy was implying. “I’m on the pill.”

Troy nodded his head. He sighed. Serena watched the news brighten his mood. He strolled over to her. Standing toe to toe, he grabbed her arms. “Good, because you getting  pregnant would have been bad.”

Serena tilted her head. Her eyes narrowed. For some reason, his comment made her panic.  “Why? What would you have done if I were?”

Troy looked away, giving her words great thought. When he looked back at her, he was still confused. “I honestly don’t know.” He smiled. “But it doesn’t matter. You’re on the pill right?”

Serena moved out of his arms. Her heart raced and she felt lightheaded. “Would you have asked me to get an abortion?’

Troy tried reaching for her, but Serena avoided him. His mood grew serious. “Serena, I didn’t say I would.”

But he didn’t deny it. Serena placed a small hand against the marble counter. She looked up into Troy’s eyes, trying to see the boy she grew up with, but couldn’t find him. The person that stood in front of her was a man. Probably the same man she’d slept with ten years ago. This was the man she loved? He was so beautiful, but something dark lived inside of him. What had happened? She didn’t want to know. She didn’t care. “You need to leave.” 

Troy’s head whipped back. Shocked. “What?” He was probably not used to being dismissed. Well, there was always a first. Just looking at him made her sick. Serena started for the bedroom. She grabbed his clothes and headed for the front door. He followed. “Serena, you need to calm down.”

Serena scoffed. She swung the door open. “Get out, Troy.” 

Troy stood there in front of the open door and wondered what the hell had just happened. He didn’t worry about his nudity. Only he and Serena had access to this floor. So, he stood there, trying to figure the woman in front of him out. 

Troy shook his head. He grabbed his clothes from her, making sure to avoid her hands. “When you calm down, come find me.” He stepped out into the hall and heard the door close behind him. What the hell? He quickly dressed and headed for the elevator. He hadn’t said he’d ask her to get an abortion; he’d just been honest about not wanting one at the moment. Babies were great, but Troy still had so much to do.