The Mind Reader (2015)

Chapter 15


Chara’s cell phone rang – the caller ID showed her it was Jake. She hadn’t really thought much about him and his omelet craving with Denise in quite a while. At the time it happened, she thought she would never get past the pain. How wrong she was! It felt as if that episode occurred ages ago not just a few day before.

“Hello, Jake, how was your omelet the other morning?” Chara may have said it sweetly, but she hoped it would stab a huge butcher knife he didn’t see coming into his consciousness. One swift, lethal stab.

It didn’t seem to affect his consciousness or his bravado one iota.

“Tonight?” Chara asked. You have a hell of a lot of nerve. “No, I couldn’t possibly.” No, I couldn’t possibly. I’ve got plans. . . Oh, no, no. Tomorrow night I’m dedicating to my mom.”

Chara wasn’t sure that was the exactly all that the truthful, but it worked. She inhaled deeply, thought for a second and then thought, “What the hell?” and then blurted out just what she thought.

“You know what, Jake, why don’t you just cross me off your list of women who’ll jump to see you at a moment’s notice? Or who’ll spend the night with you, no questions asked. I’m not sure how you kept it secret for so long, but I don’t want to be merely a number in your cell phone when you need a good lay and all the other women are busy.

“I really need a man to commit to loving me and me only. And I really can’t trust you to do that. Have a good day, Jake.”