The World Without Us - Alan Weisman

The World Without Us - Alan Weisman (2007)

PRELUDE. A Monkey Koan

Part I

Chapter 1. A Lingering Scent of Eden

Chapter 2. Unbuilding Our Home

Chapter 3. The City Without Us

Chapter 4. The World Just Before Us

Chapter 5. The Lost Menagerie

Chapter 6. The African Paradox

Part II

Chapter 7. What Falls Apart

Chapter 8. What Lasts

Chapter 9. Polymers Are Forever

Chapter 10. The Petro Patch

Chapter 11. The World Without Farms

Part III

Chapter 12. The Fate of Ancient and Modern Wonders of the World

Chapter 13. The World Without War

Chapter 14. Wings Without Us

Chapter 15. Hot Legacy

Chapter 16. Our Geologic Record

Part IV

Chapter 17. Where Do We Co from Here?

Chapter 18. Art Beyond Us

Chapter 19. The Sea Cradle

Coda: Our Earth, Our Souls