The Day We Found the Universe - Marcia Bartusiak

The Day We Found the Universe - Marcia Bartusiak (2009)


Setting Out

Chapter 1. The Little Republic of Science

Chapter 2. A Rather Remarkable Number of Nebulae

Chapter 3. Grander Than the Truth

Chapter 4. Such Is the Progress of Astronomy in the Wild and Wooly West

Chapter 5. My Regards to the Squashes

Chapter 6. It Is Worthy of Notice


Chapter 7. Empire Builder

Chapter 8. The Solar System Is Off Center and Consequently Man Is Too

Chapter 9. He Surely Looks Like the Fourth Dimension!

Chapter 10. Go at Each Other “Hammer and Tongs”

Chapter 11. Adonis

Chapter 12. On the Brink of a Big Discovery-or Maybe a Big Paradox


Chapter 13. Countless Whole Worlds... Strewn All Over the Sky

Chapter 14. Using the 100-Inch Telescope the Way It Should Be Used

Chapter 15. Your Calculations Are Correct, but Your Physical Insight Is Abominable

Chapter 16. Started Off with a Bang

Whatever Happened to...