Abraham Lincoln - James M. McPherson

The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires - Tim Wu (2010)


Part I. The Rise

Chapter 1. The Disruptive Founder

Chapter 2. Radio Dreams

Chapter 3. Mr. Vail Is a Big Man

Chapter 4. The Time Is Not Ripe for Feature Films

Chapter 5. Centralize All Radio Activities

Chapter 6. The Paramount Ideal

Part II. Beneath the All-Seeing Eye

Chapter 7. The Foreign Attachment

Chapter 8. The Legion of Decency

Chapter 9. FM Radio

Chapter 10. Now We Add Sight to Sound

Part III. The Rebels, the Challengers, and the Fall

Chapter 11. The Right Kind of Breakup

Chapter 12. The Radicalism of the Internet Revolution

Chapter 13. Nixon’s Cable

Chapter 14. Broken Bell

Chapter 15. Esperanto for Machines

Part IV. Reborn Without a Soul

Chapter 16. Turner Does Television

Chapter 17. Mass Production of the Spirit

Chapter 18. The Return of AT&T

Part V. The Internet Against Everyone

Chapter 19. A Surprising Wreck

Chapter 20. Father and Son

Chapter 21. The Separations Principle