Why We Run: A Natural History - Bernd Heinrich

Why We Run: A Natural History - Bernd Heinrich (2002)


Chapter 1. Wind-in-the-Face Warm-Up

Chapter 2. Ancient Runners and Us

Chapter 3. Start of the Race

Chapter 4. Back to the Beginning

Chapter 5. High School Cross-Country

Chapter 6. College Cauldron

Chapter 7. How to Reduce an Insect’s Flight Endurance

Chapter 8. Ultramarathoners in the Sky

Chapter 9. The Antelope’s Running Prowess

Chapter 10. The Camel’s Keys to Ultraendurance

Chapter 11. Athletic Frogs

Chapter 12. To Run on Two (or More) Legs

Chapter 13. Evolution of Intelligent Running Ape People

Chapter 14. Running Like Dogs and Cats

Chapter 15. The Fitness of Being Out of Shape

Chapter 16. Diet

Chapter 17. Racing Fuel

Chapter 18. Training for the Race

Chapter 19. Final Preparations

Chapter 20. The Race