Clues to the Starter Puzzles - The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016)

The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016)

Penguin Books

Clues to the Starter Puzzles

1.  Think of the publisher

2.  Think films

3.  What star sign are you?

4.  What letters do the answers have in common?

5.  The first word is MOSES

6.  Which countries are these the capitals of?

7.  Read the answers backwards and forwards

8.  Have you got double vision?

9.  i. Think length; ii. Think Bungle, Dorothy or Noah; iii. It’s all in the name

10.  Think Roman synonyms

11.  The answers are very similar

12.  Look for words which could follow those in the question

13.  Where would you START with this wine?

14.  Look in the larder

15.  Which planet is this German Count on?

16.  Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more

17.  Think in colour

18.  Look within the country names

19.  Suit you Sir

20.  When in Rome

21.  Numbers refer to positions of letters

22.  After 39 steps …

23.  Speak them out loud and go with the flow

24.  One of the pairs is 8. Beckham and 12. Peckham

25.  Try adding a letter to sing a good carol

26.  Try jumbling the letters to get some familiar friends

27.  Convert the letters to numbers

28.  Convert the numbers to letters - and look at neighbouring letters

29.  Can you see the wood for the trees?

30.  Think phonetics (see Appendix)

31.  (a) Think size; (b) Think team; (c) Think letters

32.  These are initial letters of words in book titles

33.  Think snooker

34.  SOME questions don’t need clues

35.  The fourth letter is O

36.  Look at the clock

37.  Try waving a wand over the question

38.  You don’t have to be able to reed music to answer this question

39.  Look within the words

40.  Changing a NAME is MEAN

41.  Read the initial letters and follow the instruction

42.  Just kick this question around

43.  Try browsing the internet

44.  Look at the vowels

45.  The first answer is EYE - hacknEYEd

46.  Question TIME

47.  All the questions, and the title, are anagrams

48.  Look for 2 letter synonyms

49.  Look at the appendix

50.  Try writing the numbers as words

51.  Look for our most famous dramatist

52.  Think phonetics (see Appendix)

53.  Look for a shapely answer

54.  Gotta catch ’em all

55.  Try adding words, and if that doesn’t help, ask your parents

56.  Think board game

57.  What words might follow the words in the question?

58.  Only the middle letters are the compass points

59.  Don’t think in English

60.  Are you primed for this one?

61.  THIS maze may lead you down the wrong paths

62.  Think of a boy band

63.  Who travels through time?

64.  Think chess

65.  Try turning the triangle to find the quotation

66.  Think in colour

67.  What groups do the words belong to?

68.  What LINKS?