Complexity: A Guided Tour - Melanie Mitchell

Complexity: A Guided Tour - Melanie Mitchell (2009)


Part I. Background and History

Chapter 1. What Is Complexity?

Chapter 2. Dynamics, Chaos, and Prediction

Chapter 3. Information

Chapter 4. Computation

Chapter 5. Evolution

Chapter 6. Genetics, Simplified

Chapter 7. Defining and Measuring Complexity

Part II. Life and Evolution in Computers

Chapter 8. Self-Reproducing Computer Programs

Chapter 9. Genetic Algorithms

Part III. Computation Writ Large

Chapter 10. Cellular Automata, Life, and the Universe

Chapter 11. Computation Writ Large

Chapter 12. Information Processing in Living Systems

Chapter 13. How to Make Analogies (if You Are a Computer)

Chapter 14. Prospects of Computer Modeling

Part IV. Network Thinking

Chapter 15. The Science of Networks

Chapter 16. Applying Network Science to Real-World Networks

Chapter 17. The Mystery of Scaling

Chapter 18. Evolution, Complexified

Part V. Conclusion

Chapter 19. The Past and Future of the Sciences of Complexity