The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World - Edward Dolnick (2011)


Part I. Chaos

Chapter 1. London, 1660

Chapter 2. Satan’s Claws

Chapter 3. The End of the World

Chapter 4. “When Spotted Death Ran Arm’d Through Every Street”

Chapter 5. Melancholy Streets

Chapter 6. Fire

Chapter 7. God at His Drawing Table

Chapter 8. The Idea That Unlocked the World

Chapter 9. Euclid and Unicorns

Chapter 10. The Boys’ Club

Chapter 11. To the Barricades!

Chapter 12. Dogs and Rascals

Chapter 13. A Dose of Poison

Chapter 14. Of Mites and Men

Chapter 15. A Play Without an Audience

Chapter 16. All in Pieces

Part II. Hope and Monsters

Chapter 17. Never Seen Until This Moment

Chapter 18. Flies as Big as a Lamb

Chapter 19. From Earthworms to Angels

Chapter 20. The Parade of the Horribles

Chapter 21. “Shuddering Before the Beautiful”

Chapter 22. Patterns Made with Ideas

Chapter 23. God’s Strange Cryptography

Chapter 24. The Secret Plan

Chapter 25. Tears of Joy

Chapter 26. Walrus with a Golden Nose

Chapter 27. Cracking the Cosmic Safe

Chapter 28. The View from the Crow’s Nest

Chapter 29. Sputnik in Orbit, 1687

Chapter 30. Hidden in Plain Sight

Chapter 31. Two Rocks and a Rope

Chapter 32. A Fly on the Wall

Chapter 33. “Euclid Alone Has Looked on Beauty Bare”

Chapter 34. Here Be Monsters!

Chapter 35. Barricaded Against the Beast

Chapter 36. Out of the Whirlpool

Part III. Into the Light

Chapter 37. All Men Are Created Equal

Chapter 38. The Miracle Years

Chapter 39. All Mystery Banished

Chapter 40. Talking Dogs and Unsuspected Powers

Chapter 41. The World in Close-Up

Chapter 42. When the Cable Snaps

Chapter 43. The Best of All Possible Feuds

Chapter 44. Battle’s End

Chapter 45. The Apple and the Moon

Chapter 46. A Visit to Cambridge

Chapter 47. Newton Bears Down

Chapter 48. Trouble with Mr. Hooke

Chapter 49. The System of the World

Chapter 50. Only Three People

Chapter 51. Just Crazy Enough

Chapter 52. In Search of God

Chapter 53. Conclusion