Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing “Hoax” - Philip Plait

Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing “Hoax” - Philip Plait (2002)


Part I. Bad Astronomy Begins at Home

Chapter 1. The Yolk's on You: Egg Balancing and the Equinox

Chapter 2. Flushed with Embarrassment: The Coriolis Effect and Your Bathroom

Chapter 3. Idiom's Delight: Bad Astronomy in Everyday Language

Part II. From the Earth to the Moon

Chapter 4. Blue Skies Smiling at Me: Why the Sky Is Blue

Chapter 5. A Dash of Seasons: Why Summer Turns to Fall

Chapter 6. Phase the Nation: The Moon's Changing Face

Chapter 7. The Gravity of the Situation: The Moon and the Tides

Chapter 8. The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie: The Big Moon Illusion

Part III. Skies at Night Are Big and Bright

Chapter 9. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Why Stars Appear to Twinkle

Chapter 10. Star Light, Star White: Stars of Many Colors

Chapter 11. Well, Well: The Difficulty of Daylight Star Sighting

Chapter 12. The Brightest Star: Polaris Just Another Face in the Crowd

Chapter 13. Shadows in the Sky: Eclipses and Sun-Watching

Chapter 14. The Disaster That Wasn't: The Great Planetary Alignment of 2000

Chapter 15. Meteors, Meteoroids, and Meteorites, Oh My!: The Impact of Meteors and Asteroids

Chapter 16. When the Universe Throws You a Curve: Misunderstanding the Beginning of It All

Part IV. Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 17. Appalled at Apollo: Uncovering the Moon-Landing Hoax

Chapter 18. Worlds in Derision: Velikovsky vs. Modern Science

Chapter 19. In the Beginning: Creationism and Astronomy

Chapter 20. Misidentified Flying Objects: UFOs and Illusions of the Mind and Eye

Chapter 21. Mars Is in the Seventh House, but Venus Has Left the Building: Why Astrology Doesn't Work

Part V. Beam Me Up

Chapter 22. Hubble Trouble: Hubble Space Telescope Misconceptions

Chapter 23. Star Hustlers: Star Naming for Dummies

Chapter 24. Bad Astronomy Goes Hollywood: The Top-Ten Examples of Bad Astronomy in Major Motion Pictures