Moon Signs - Astrology, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need - Cass Jackson, Janie Jackson

Astrology, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need - Cass Jackson, Janie Jackson (2016)

Chapter 6. Moon Signs

The sign of the zodiac occupied by the Moon at the time of your birth is known as your Moon sign. Your Moon sign has a great influence on your life and your personality. This powerful effect is not surprising when we remember how strongly the lunar cycles affect the sea. The Moon represents your inner needs and feelings, your emotional responses, your habits, and the way you behave when sick, fatigued, or drunk. The Moon reveals what is hidden and private. It controls the unconscious/subconscious side of your personality, your true needs and attitudes rather than the polished face that you show the outside world. The Moon also reveals some information about your mother or other female figures in your life, their treatment of you, and the role models they might be.

Finding Your Moon Sign

We have included a quick and easy method here that works as a good rough guide for finding your Moon sign. It doesn't give the exact degree of the sign; therefore this system might be one sign off if your Moon was on a cusp when you were born, and this would be magnified if you were born around midnight. For complete accuracy and the exact degree of your Moon sign, you can try any of the following resources:

· Go to and find the Astrodienst service for a (currently) free birth chart.

· Check out Sasha Fenton's website ( to see what suggestions are mentioned there.

· Visit an astrologer for personalized chart calculation and interpretation.

· Get further into astrology and consult an “ephemeris”—an encyclopedic book of tables for several centuries. A good online ephemeris can be found at

· Buy your own astrology software. You can obtain perfectly accurate software from various firms nowadays, costing not much more than you paid for this book. Check the Internet for such sources.

The Moonfinder Tables

· Start with Table 1 on page 84, which is titled “Moon on the First Day of the Month.” Find your year of birth down the left-hand column, then track along to the month of your birth and find the sign that is listed there. Make a note of the sign.

· Now move to Table 2 on page 87, which is titled “Number of Signs to Add for Each Day of the Month.” Find the day of your birth and check out the number to the right of that day in the “plus” column. Make a note of the number.

· Now move to Table 3 on page 87, which is titled “The Zodiac” and put your finger on the sign of the zodiac that you noted down in step one.

· Now count forward in a clockwise direction the number from the “plus” column that you noted down. The sign you end up at is your Moon sign.

Table 1: Moon on the First Day of the Month




Table 2: Number of Signs to Add for Each Day of the Month


Table 3: The Zodiac



Let us now experiment with Denzel Washington, who will be our example for the various interpretation sections throughout this book. Denzel's birth date is December 28, 1954.

· Denzel was born in 1954, so we find his year in the left-hand column of Table 1.

· We track along to the month of December and find that at the start of December, the Moon was in Aquarius.

· We look at Table 2 and find day number 28 (Denzel was born on the 28th).

· Beside his birthdate number, we find the number 12.

· Going now to Table 3, we start with the sign of Aquarius and count forward twelve signs, and it brings us back to Aquarius.

As we will see later in this book, Denzel's Moon is indeed in Aquarius.


Interpreting the Moon Sign

This book can offer only a very brief interpretation of how the Moon affects your character. If you want to know more about the fascinating side of your inner, emotional nature, read books such as Your Secret Moon, by Anne Christie, How to Read Your Star Signs, by Sasha Fenton, or The Art of Chart Interpretation, by Tracy Marks.


Moon in Aries

Speed could be your middle name: you are quick to react, quick to think, quick to speak, and unfortunately quick-tempered. You are restless, impatient, and excitable, preferring to take charge of any situation rather than to assist.


Moon in Taurus

You take your time reaching decisions and never rush into anything. When you finally make up your mind, you are determined and persistent. Security and material possessions are necessary to your emotional happiness.


Moon in Gemini

You're a naturally intense person, but not too eager to form emotional ties. You make an excellent student, but have a tendency to discard your latest great idea in favor of an exciting new project.


Moon in Cancer

Because you are sensitive and intuitive, you can sometimes be somewhat moody and withdrawn. You enjoy your home, and a happy family life is important to your emotional well-being.


Moon in Leo

You are highly ambitious but always cheerful and warm-hearted. Emotionally you are inclined to be rather over-sentimental. Your organizing ability gives you the self-confidence needed for dealing with the public.


Moon in Virgo

You tend to be shy and retiring, but you shine when it comes to dealing with business details. Always methodical, neat and clean, you are keenly interested in hygiene and health. Try not to be too critical of yourself or others.


Moon in Libra

Your greatest need is for harmony. It is essential to your well-being that you find affable friends and partners. Fortunately, your personal charm means that you will have no difficulty in attracting the right sort of person to fulfill these requirements.


Moon in Scorpio

You are emotionally highly charged, with intense feelings about virtually everything. However, you tend to hide your true feelings, usually as a result of being deeply hurt at some time. You enjoy the company of the opposite sex, but occasionally let your sensuality run away with you.


Moon in Sagittarius

Freedom is almost an obsession with you, so much so that you are always restless and eager to “get away from it all.” This applies physically and mentally. You're quite likely to suddenly quit your job, your home, or your partner and take off in search of new pastures.


Moon in Capricorn

You are reserved by nature and need to find emotional security through a happy home and material possessions. You have outstanding managerial abilities together with ambition and the capacity for hard work. These traits should see you in a high executive position.


Moon in Aquarius

You are strongly independent by nature. This makes you wary of having your personal freedom threatened by outsiders. As a result, you avoid becoming 100 percent emotionally involved until you are entirely sure of your ground.


Moon in Pisces

You're easy-going and super-sensitive to the needs of others. You may even have psychic abilities. Don't allow your lack of confidence to discourage you from making the most of your artistic talents.