A FEW DON’TS - American Pistol Shooting (2015)

American Pistol Shooting (2015)

Chapter XXIV


DON’T think that you must possess unusual natural talents to make a success of pistol shooting. Any person of average physique and intelligence can learn to shoot a pistol well.

DON’T begin pistol practice until you know what to do and how to go about doing it. Learn these fundamentals from a good instructor or text on pistol shooting. Unintelligent practice is of little value.

DON’T expect too much at first. It takes time to train the mind, nerves and muscles. Patience and perseverance are important factors in one’s progress.

DON’T do too much firing. A little is better than a lot.

DON’T neglect “dry shooting.” Shooting exercises, especially trigger-squeeze and rapid fire, are very essential at all times.

DON’T neglect details. Many a match has been lost by one point.

DON’T get into a rut. Practice rapid as well as slow fire.

DON’T be a potterer. “He who hesitates (to shoot) is lost.”

DON’T indulge in snap-shooting while training for standard target competitions.

DON’T be a fair-weather shot, or a lone-shooter. Shoulder to shoulder competitions are the life of the sport.

DON’T change pistols just prior to or during a match.

DON’T shoot on the wrong target. This mistake cost a world championship in 1924.

DON’T point pistols at persons—unless you intend to shoot them.

DON’T fail to “Hold ’em, squeeze ’em and call ’em.”