Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do - Tom Vanderbilt

Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) - Tom Vanderbilt (2008)

Prologue. Why I Became a Late Merger (and Why You Should Too)

Chapter 1. Why Does the Other Lane Always Seem Faster? How Traffic Messes with Our Heads

Chapter 2. Why You’re Not as Good a Driver as You Think You Are

Chapter 3. How Our Eyes and Minds Betray Us on the Road

Chapter 4. Why Ants Don’t Get into Traffic Jams (and Humans Do): On Cooperation as a Cure for Congestion

Chapter 5. Why Women Cause More Congestion Than Men (and Other Secrets of Traffic)

Chapter 6. Why More Roads Lead to More Traffic (and What to Do About It)

Chapter 7. When Dangerous Roads Are Safer

Chapter 8. How Traffic Explains the World: On Driving with a Local Accent

Chapter 9. Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Beer-Drinking Divorced Doctor Named Fred on Super Bowl Sunday in a Pickup Truck in Rural Montana: What’s Risky on the Road and Why

Epilogue. Driving Lessons