I Wish He Had Come with Instructions - Mike Bechtle

I Wish He Had Come with Instructions: The Woman's Guide to a Man's Brain - Mike Bechtle (2016)

Introduction. Talking into Thin Air

Part I. The Care and Feeding of a Man

Chapter 1. Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Earth

Chapter 2. What He Wants You to Know

Part II. How He Thinks

Chapter 3. Gray Matters

Chapter 4. Men Are Just Tall Boys

Chapter 5. Man on a Mission

Part III. How He Acts

Chapter 6. Why He Can’t See Dirt

Chapter 7. Your Knight in Rusting Armor

Chapter 8. Unconditional Like

Part IV. How He Communicates

Chapter 9. Do Guys Even Have Feelings?

Chapter 10. The Silent Partner

Chapter 11. Conflict without Combat

Part V. How He Grows

Chapter 12. The Lone Ranger in Relationships

Chapter 13. Turning Two into a Team

Chapter 14. Relationship Red Flags

Chapter 15. Strategies for Happy Endings