INTRODUCTION - Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations - Greg Williams, Pat Iyer

Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations - Greg Williams, Pat Iyer (2016)


You look around the poker table. You’re holding a strong hand—a ir of jacks and two sevens. The other three players have matched your last raise. Should you raise again?

To your left, Jose, the youngest player, who is wearing sunglasses to ide his eyes, taps his left thumb on the table. Across from you, Georgia absentmindedly stirs her gin and tonic. Then there’s Jamal, the old fellow sitting to your right, noisily sucking on a lozenge and scratching his nose.

You go all in, pushing your whole pile of chips to the middle of the table. When Jose and Jamal fold and Georgia confidently turns over her two aces, you smile as you rake in the pot.

You won because you skillfully read your opponents’ “tells,” those subtle and not-so-subtle signals that inadvertently reveal peoples’ thoughts and emotions. Master negotiators do the same, “reading between the lines” to detect the body language signals that will help them read the minds of their opponents. And, of course, they carefully control their own “tells” or body language.

Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations reveals surprising insights into the ways body language, microexpressions, and emotional intelligence influence the outcome of every negotiation. In these pages you not only will learn how to interpret nonverbal messages, but you will discover many practical tools for turning those silent cues to your advantage at the bargaining table.

What can you expect to gain from this book? Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations will help you discover what the other negotiators are revealing through body language and micro expressions. It will teach you how to control your own expressions and body language. The way you react—or don’t—can make a profound difference in a deal. This book will also assist you at the negotiation table by helping you be more adept at leveraging your knowledge of emotional intelligence, negotiation ploys, and emotional hot buttons, while enhancing your ability to do so by reading body language.

Think of this book as your guide to achieve much better results in any negotiation. Through absorbing the examples, stories, exercises, and negotiation tips, you will gain many practical tools that will give you greater confidence at the negotiation table. You will discover how to skillfully read your opponent’s body language and micro expressions. You will be able to answer these questions:

✵ How should you set the scene to incorporate subtle methods of influencing the other negotiator?

✵ How does color influence a negotiation?

✵ How can you harness emotion to direct a negotiation?

✵ Should you negotiate standing up or sitting down?

✵ What does it mean when a person looks up and to the left?

✵ What is a negotiator revealing when he starts to sweat?

✵ What could a brief frown mean?

✵ How can you use the affinity principle to connect with the other negotiator?

✵ How can you recognize an empathetic person?

✵ How can you tell when the other negotiator is lying?

In addition, you will

✵ be able to employ hidden weapons to guide successful negotiations, such as setting the scene for the negotiation;

✵ skillfully recognize when you or the other negotiator is using emotion to influence the outcome of the negotiation—and learn to use this knowledge to gain an advantage;

✵ be able to employ an arsenal of negotiation strategies—some you have never considered using before;

✵ adeptly shift your strategies as you read the other negotiator’s signals;

✵ overcome common obstacles that hamper your negotiations;

✵ use a systematic model to plan and execute more successful negotiations; and

✵ triumph as you win more negotiations.

If you are seeking ways to enhance your negotiation efforts while adeptly increasing your ability to enhance aspects of your life, Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations is a must-have book for you.