THE BINGO CAREER FOR MASCULINE STRENGTH PEOPLE - The Bingo Career - The Bingo Theory - Mimi Ikonn

The Bingo Theory: A revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships - Mimi Ikonn (2016)

BONUS SECTION: The Bingo Career


IF YOU HAVE a strong masculine energy, it will be great for you to find work that helps you develop your feminine, caring, creative energy.

I have a Masculine Strength Friend - Paula, who used to work as an investment banker. In her late 20s, she was on her way to being made the youngest partner in her bank. She was phenomenally successful. Then she had a car crash, which made her re-evaluate her whole life. Paula quit her job and went travelling. She decided to become a nutritionist. She was the top of her game in a male-dominant environment, but she left it all behind.

Now Paula presents cooking shows. She’s taken her drive and ambition and applied it in a completely different area. She loves what she does and feels a lot happier; she has a sense of purpose. Paula was great at what she did before. She was very successful in a highly competitive industry, but it didn’t bring her joy. She did it because it came effortlessly to her. Now she’s using her natural business skills, but in a new way. She’s also constantly challenging herself to learn and grow. She uses her creativity to create recipes that she shares in here cooking show, as well as her blog, she educates people about proper nutrition which helps them live healthier lifestyles, and since she is in the public eye, she is constantly challenged to express herself and become a better communicator. Practicing this daily, as this is her job, helps her keep a healthy balance between her masculine and feminine energy.

I have another friend who’s a very logical guy and he’s become a great teacher. It works for him because it brings out his caring, empathetic side. Being a Masculine Strength Male helps him tremendously in his role, as his is not overly emotional so he doesn’t get too upset or manipulated by the kids. He’s strong and dominant, which makes him a great teacher. He has their attention and he uses compassion and leadership.

Nursing and medicine are great career choices for Masculine Strength People. It allows them to express their caring side; however, their masculine logic and detachment mean that they are always calm enough to do their job well.

Believe it or not a lot of fashion designers are Masculine Strength People. They go into the creative field because it makes them feel more balanced. They might not have consciously chosen it for this reason—they may just know that it makes them feel good. In fact, the question to always ask about any job (and anything else for that matter) is: “Does this make me feel good?”. If it doesn’t, it might be time to change things up.

Jobs that will bring out your feminine energy:

✵CREATIVE WORK —Work in art, design and fashion will help you get in touch with your creative, imaginative, aesthetic feminine energy. The feminine energy lives for beauty and sees it everywhere; having a creative job will help you to see this beauty. Your natural strengths will allow you to make it financially successful. Feminine Strength People might have fantastic creative talents but they struggle to monetize their talent.

✵TEACHING - This work will bring out your caring, nurturing, patient feminine energy. It will also allow you to draw on your natural strengths—being strong, confident, disciplined, authoritative and structured in the classroom.

✵HEALTHCARE JOBS —Nursing and medicine will allow you to work on your empathetic, caring side. In these jobs your natural masculine strength will allow you to stay detached enough to do the job well. If you get too emotionally involved with all your patients, you will burn out.

✵SOCIAL WORK—Counseling is a human profession that relies on the feminine energy of connectedness, communication, empathy and caring. At the same time, your masculine strength will help you to stay strong and focused enough to deal with the practicalities.

✵WORKING WITH ANIMALS OR CHILDREN—The masculine energy is well suited to being a vet or a pediatrician. Working with animals and children will help you connect to your loving, caring and playful side. Your natural masculine detachment and logic will mean you don’t become overly emotional with your work.