THE BINGO CAREER FOR FEMININE STRENGTH PEOPLE - The Bingo Career - The Bingo Theory - Mimi Ikonn

The Bingo Theory: A revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships - Mimi Ikonn (2016)

BONUS SECTION: The Bingo Career

ONE OF THE MOST powerful ways you can balance yourself is to have a career that allows you to develop your less dominant energy. After all, most of us spend the majority of our day working. If you have a very strong masculine energy, it will help you to work in a profession that brings out your feminine energy. And if you have a very strong feminine energy, it will help you if you take a role that encourages you to bring out your masculine energy.

Think about what energy you use more every day. Does it make you more balanced or less balanced? Are you given the opportunity to use your less dominant energy?

If you’re only relying on your strength energy you might be unhappy. For example, I used to work in a bank. It was a very logical, masculine environment. Staying at the bank I would only develop more of my masculine energy.

Now that Alex and I have our own businesses, my favorite part involves creating content such as videos and photos. This helps me to be creative and to express myself. It also helps me connect to others. It brings out my feminine energy.

You don’t necessarily have to quit your job, however. You can probably find ways to use different energies within your existing role. For example, if you’re a Masculine Strength Person who works in a bank then see if you can get involved with training new staff or being a mentor. This will bring out your caring, connected feminine energy.

If you are a Feminine Strength Person working in a creative, feminine field, see if there is anything you can do to use your masculine energy. Can you take responsibility for some of the finances? Can you start a new project that gives you the opportunity to show leadership and take on responsibilities?

In this bonus section, you’ll find some career ideas for both the Masculine and Feminine Strength Person.


IF YOU’RE a Feminine Strength Male or Female it will help you to work in a profession that calls on you to use your masculine energy. This could be anything to do with science, systems, numbers, finance, business, or construction.

While these might not seem like a natural fit, they will help you to stretch yourself and develop your weaker energy. For example, I have a good friend who is a Feminine Strength Female who writes for a business website. This job allows her to use her natural feminine energy to express and communicate, but the subject matter she deals with is very logical, clear and masculine in its energy. That job is a Bingo.

It might surprise you but Feminine Strength People are great law enforcers. This is because they have natural empathy and compassion, that can help diffuse difficult situations. They won’t stray into aggression but they do have to step into their power.

For the feminine energy, it’s good to work for yourself. This experience teaches them how to be independent and run their own show. They can feel strong and in control. However, the problem the feminine energy usually faces is in monetizing their talent. They usually charge too little—the feminine energy does not tend to value itself highly and this often results in a constant struggle to make ends meet. The term “starving artist” often describes a very talented Feminine Strength Person who is incapable of making an income from their genius. It’s often a good idea for these people to have a Masculine Strength business partner or manager.

Another challenge for Feminine Strength People is acting on all the great ideas they have. They are constantly torn in many directions because they usually possess talents in many fields. This makes it harder for them to decide which steps to take. Again, a masculine energy business partner will help you do that too.

✵SCIENCE—You might have assumed that scientists are all Masculine Strength People. But the great ones start out from love of nature, fascination with the world, and curiosity about how things work. These are qualities of the feminine energy. However, to get ahead in the field, you need to be doggedly persistent, logical, objective, rational, self-motivated and organized—in other words, you need to use your masculine energy. This makes science a great Bingo career.

✵FINANCE - To succeed in the financial field you need to engage in logical and analytical thinking, be good at problem-solving, have strong numerical skills, and be able to manage your time and lead others, all of which use your masculine energy. However, your natural feminine strengths of communication, team-work and humility will be vital too. The financial world today is the product of too much masculine energy and this has resulted in risk taking, macho competition and reckless decisions. Now more than ever the financial industry needs the feminine energy.

✵SELF-EMPLOYED—Being self-employed forces you to sell yourself, to be confident in your abilities, to organize your time, and place a value on your work. This can be a challenge for Feminine Strength People but it will also be hugely rewarding and a great way to become balanced.

✵LAW ENFORCEMENT - Working with the law will bring out feelings of strength, certainty and power—all masculine energy. But your natural strengths of empathy and communication will be invaluable too.

✵FILM MAKER—creating a piece of art on film is a very feminine energy. But the decision making process of editing it, shaping it, and finishing it is a very masculine energy.