DATING TIPS FOR THE FEMININE STRENGTH MALE - Bingo Dating - The Bingo Theory - Mimi Ikonn

The Bingo Theory: A revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships - Mimi Ikonn (2016)

Part V. Bingo Dating


AND NOW let’s catch up with Chris, our Feminine Strength Male. Chris has no problem talking to women but he has a problem asking them out. He’s spent most of his life in the friend-zone - so how did he get out of it? Like Lily, things changed for him when he started to use his masculine energy.

Chris’s business with Harry really started to get somewhere. He felt a sense of control over his life that he’d never felt before. He felt inspired but grounded at the same time. It was a cool feeling. Now he wanted to share that feeling with someone else.

There was a girl he liked in his office building but he hadn’t found the courage to ask her out. Her name was Amy and she was an accountant. She was an athletic brunette - exactly his type, physically. Her personality was great too - she was direct and strong. She said it how she saw it. He loved that in a woman. He couldn’t get on with girlie girls.

He thought she liked him too. He sent her funny little e-mails and they seemed to make her laugh. But he didn’t know if she liked him romantically or just as a friend - and he was too scared to make a move.

He played it out in his head, again and again, thinking about how he might ask her and where he might do it. But he kept coming back to the same thing: what would happen if she said ‘no’?

Most of his single guy friends had no problem approaching girls but he hated it. Once they broke the ice, Chris was always good at joining in and keeping the conversation going, but he could never make the first move.

His last two relationships both started when the girls asked him out. He had no problem with that—in fact, he thought it was cool.

His last relationship lasted four years. He loved that she was strong and confident but soon he started feeling like he was being bossed around. It felt emasculating. There was no tenderness or romance from her side.

It took him a long time to get the courage to finally break it off— he hated hurting anyone. Still, he knew it was the right thing to do.

Since then he ended up in the friend’s zone with most of the girls he met. He’d meet a girl he liked and he’d hang out with her. But he’d never make a move and, so she’d just think they were friends.

He was getting frustrated. He needed to man up and ask Amy out. Then one day he saw his opportunity. They were talking about an art exhibition that was soon closing.

“We should go,” she said, casually. He didn’t know if she meant as friends or as a date but it didn’t matter. He said he’d get the tickets. He texted her when he’d got them and said,“See you outside the gallery, Saturday at 1pm.” He felt bold. He was taking control.

They went to the exhibition. He saw a silly keychain in the gift shop, so he bought it for her. He didn’t know if that was too cheesy of a move or not. He kept thinking of his guy friends telling him to play it cool—but he still gave it to her and she loved it.

They went for a coffee afterwards and then walked in the park. He still didn’t know if it was a date or if they were just friends but he knew he had to do something to find out. They were sitting down on a bench, feeding the ducks when he leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him right back.

The Feminine Strength Male is open and sweet and tender but he is not good at making the first move. It doesn’t matter how much confidence he has in other areas of life; this is something that he finds challenging. He fears embarrassment and rejection and over-thinks all the things that could go wrong.

That’s why online dating works for him - the stakes are lower. Nobody is watching if he gets rejected. Also, it’s easier for his personality to shine through on witty messages rather than face-to-face. That’s why it worked for Chris to send Amy funny e-mails. He could build a relationship slowly.

The problem with the Feminine Strength Male, though, is that they move so slowly, the girl assumes they are just friends.

Before Chris learned to use his masculine energy he met girls who were as unbalanced as he was. His ex-girlfriend had very strong masculine energy - which was great because she made the first move - but then it stopped working because she became too aggressive and cold (going too much into the masculine energy) and he became increasingly passive and timid (going too much into the feminine).

Chris needed to step into his masculine energy in order to find a balanced relationship. Everything changed for him when he used his masculine energy to make his business a success. He felt a confidence and sense of control he hadn’t felt before—enough confidence, at least, to act on Amy’s passing comment that she’d like to see the exhibition.

Amy, as a Masculine Strength Female, was forward enough to give him the green light by suggesting they go to the exhibition - but he still had to have the courage to take it from there, which he did. Getting the tickets was a confident, masculine move—as was moving in for a kiss. But Chris also drew on his romantic feminine energy when he bought her a gift. He knew that his Masculine Strength Friends would never do that but he followed his heart and did it. She loved him for it.

Can You Relate?

Do you find yourself in the friend’s zone? Do you find yourself paralyzed when it comes to making the first move? Do you wish you could be like your other guy friends, who seem to talk to any girl they want without worrying? Do you love powerful women but sometimes get bullied by them?

Until you learn to step into your masculine energy, you’re going to attract unbalanced Masculine Strength Females. As soon as you work on your own confidence and take control, you will find the right match for you, who is as balanced as you are.

Your Bingo Partner

You need a strong and confident Masculine Strength Female who is kind and balanced. Somebody who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She is the kind of woman who makes things happen and makes you feel energized - but not emasculated - when you’re with her.

How To Get It


If you want to find love and get into a healthy relationship you need to accept yourself and own your feminine energy. Too many men have been brainwashed into acting macho and playing games when it comes to dating. This is not authentic to you. Rule Number One is drop all games and be yourself. The right woman for you will love you just the way you are.

The notion that ‘nice guys finish last’ was invented by Masculine Strength Men. You’re nice, kind and romantic and that is your strength in a relationship. The right woman will love and appreciate these qualities in you.


You don’t need to bulk up in order to meet the right woman for you. So many Feminine Strength Males think they need to go to the gym, use heavy weights and drink protein shakes in order to look like a muscleman in order to attract the ladies. Most Masculine Strength Females aren’t into bulky men. We love lean - but fit, nerdy men. Glasses are a bonus!


Your dream woman is someone who takes charge and makes the first move but so many women, even Masculine Strength Females, have been conditioned to think that guys have to do the asking. Step your game up and be more proactive. If you like someone, ask her out. Waiting too long might turn a woman off, because she thinks you aren’t really interested in her. If a woman makes a hint about wanting to see a film or go to an exhibit that’s your queue - take charge and make plans. Set a date.


Online dating works for you. It allows you to chat with girls without having to go up to them in a bar - something you hate. Messages are a good way to show your sweet, funny side. Also, women may feel more comfortable making the first move online.


Don’t be afraid to kiss her on the first date to show her that you are interested. Because you get on with women naturally it’s not always obvious whether you’re sexually attracted to a girl or you’re just hanging out as friends. If you don’t make a move she’ll think you’re not interested, and you’ll end up in the friend zone.


As the relationship progresses, be honest and open about your feelings. This is where you can exercise both your masculine and feminine energies; expressing love is feminine but having the guts to do so verbally and directly is masculine. Don’t be afraid to be the first to say “I love you” if that’s how you feel—if you’re dating a Masculine Strength Female she most likely won’t be the first to openly express her feelings for you.


Even when you’re in a happy, healthy relationship, continue to nurture and balance both your masculine and feminine energies. Remember that nobody else can make you whole. You need to do that yourself. When you first meet the right girl, it will be tempting to give up working on yourself. You’ll think that she’s the answer to all your problems. She’s not. It’s important that you keep working on yourself in order to have a happy relationship and a happy life.