The World's Most Dangerous Place: Inside the Outlaw State of Somalia - James Fergusson (2013)

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Chapter 1 An African Stalingrad: The war against al-Shabaab

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Chapter 2 At the Bancroft Hotel: America’s proxy war


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Chapter 4 Aden’s story

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Chapter 5 The failure of Somali politics

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Chapter 6 What makes al-Shabaab tick?

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Chapter 7 The Famine


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Chapter 8 In the court of King Farole

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Chapter 9 Galkacyo: Pirateville

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Chapter 10 Hargeisa Nights

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Chapter 11 How to start a border war

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Chapter 12 The Somali youth time-bomb


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Chapter 13 The missing of Minneapolis


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Chapter 14 ‘Clanism is a disease like AIDS’

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Chapter 15 Operation Linda Nchi: The end for al-Shabaab?

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