DISCOGRAPHY - Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul - Craig Werner

Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul - Craig Werner (2004)


This discography is intended to provide a sense of the connections among the recording careers of Stevie, Aretha, and Curtis. The songs and albums listed in boldface reached either the Top Twenty on the singles charts (pop or R&B) or the Top Fifty on the album charts, while the remaining songs or albums failed to chart at that level. Starred and boldface songs or albums reached number one on at least one singles chart or the Top Ten on the album chart.

1 9 5 6

Aretha, Songs of Faith (Chess)

1 9 5 8

Impressions featuring Jerry Butler, “For Your Precious Love”
Impressions, “Come Back My Love”

1 9 5 9

Impressions, The Gift of Love

1 9 6 0

Aretha, “Today I Sing the Blues”

1 9 6 1

Aretha, “Won’t Be Long”
Aretha, “Rock-a-bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody” / “Operation Heartbreak”
Aretha, Aretha (Columbia)
Impressions, “Gypsy Woman”

1 9 6 2

Aretha, The Electrifying Aretha Franklin (Columbia)
Aretha, “I Surrender Dear”
Stevie, “I Call It Pretty Music (But the Old People Call It the Blues)”
Impressions, “Grow Closer Together”
Aretha, “Don’t Cry Baby”
Stevie, A Tribute to Uncle Ray (Tamla)
Stevie, The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie Wonder (Tamla)
Impressions, “Never Let Me Go” / “Little Young Lover”
Aretha, “Try a Little Tenderness”
Stevie, “Little Water Boy”
Aretha, The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging Aretha Franklin (Columbia)
Aretha, “Trouble in Mind”
Impressions, “Minstrel and Queen”

1 9 6 3

Impressions, “I’m the One Who Loves You”
Stevie, “Contract on Love”
Impressions, “Sad, Sad Girl and Boy”
Aretha, Laughing on the Outside (Columbia)
imageStevie, “Fingertips—Part 2” (R&B, pop)
imageStevie, Little Stevie Wonder/ The 12 Year Old Genius/ Recorded Live (Tamla)
Impressions, The Impressions (ABC-Paramount)
imageImpressions, “It’s All Right” (R&B)
Stevie, “Workout Stevie, Workout”

1 9 6 4

Impressions, “Talking About My Baby”
Stevie, “Castles in the Sand”
Impressions, The Never-Ending Impressions (ABC-Paramount)
Stevie, “Hey Harmonica Man”
Impressions, “I’m So Proud”
Aretha, Unforgettable —A Tribute to Dinah Washington (Columbia)
Stevie, With a Song in My Heart (Tamla)
Aretha, “Precious Lord” (Chess single released from 1956 session)
Impressions, “Keep On Pushing” / “I Made a Mistake”
imageImpressions, Keep On Pushing (ABC-Paramount)
Stevie, Stevie at the Beach (Tamla)
Stevie, “Sad Boy”
Impressions, “You Must Believe Me” / “See the Real Me”
Aretha, “Runnin’ Out of Fools”
Aretha, Runnin’ Out of Fools (Columbia)

1 9 6 5

Impressions, “Amen”
Aretha, “Can’t You Just See Me”
Impressions, “People Get Ready” / “I’ve Been Trying”
Impressions, People Get Ready (ABC-Paramount)
Impressions, The Impressions’ Greatest Hits (ABC-Paramount)
Stevie, “Kiss Me Baby”
Impressions, “Woman’s Got Soul”
Aretha, “One Step Ahead”
Impressions, “Meeting Over Yonder”
Aretha, Yeah!! (Columbia)
Impressions, “Get Up and Move”
Stevie, “High Heel Sneakers”
Impressions, “I Need You” / “Never Could Be You”
Impressions, “Just One Kiss from You”
Impressions, “You’ve Been Cheating”
Impressions, One by One (ABC-Paramount)
Aretha, “A Mother’s Love” / “Mockingbird”

1 9 6 6

imageStevie, “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” (R&B)
Impressions, Ridin’ High (ABC-Paramount)
Stevie, Up-Tight Everything’s Alright (Tamla)
Stevie, “Nothing’s Too Good for My Baby”
Aretha, “Follow Your Heart”
Impressions, “Since I Lost the One I Love”
imageStevie, “Blowin’ in the Wind” (R&B)
Impressions, “Too Slow”
Stevie, “A Place in the Sun”
Aretha, “Cry Like a Baby”
Impressions, “Can’t Satisfy”
Aretha, Soul Sister (Columbia)
Stevie, “Some Day at Christmas”

1 9 6 7

Note: Beginning in 1967 with Take It Like You Give It; Take a Look; and two volumes of Greatest Hits, Columbia would flood the market with previously recorded material in an attempt to capitalize on Aretha’s success with Atlantic. The best of these compilations, which occasionally included rarities and remastered cuts, are listed in the “Recommended Compilations” section.

Stevie, Down to Earth (Tamla)
imageAretha, “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” / “Do Right Woman—
Do Right Man” (R&B)
Impressions, “You Always Hurt Me”
imageAretha, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (Atlantic)
Stevie, “Travelin’ Man” / “Hey Love”
imageAretha, “Respect” / “Dr. Feelgood” (R&B, pop)
imageStevie, “I Was Made to Love Her” (R&B)
Impressions, “It’s Hard to Believe” / “You Got Me Running”
Aretha, “Lee Cross” (Columbia)
Impressions, The Fabulous Impressions (ABC)
image Aretha, “Baby, I Love You” (R&B)
Aretha, “Take a Look” (Columbia)
imageAretha, Aretha Arrives (Atlantic)
Stevie, I Was Made to Love Her (Tamla)
Impressions, “I Can’t Stay Away from You”
Aretha, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”
Stevie, “I’m Wondering”
imageAretha, “Chain of Fools” (R&B)
Stevie, Some Day at Christmas (Tamla)

1 9 6 8

imageImpressions, “We’re a Winner” (R&B)
Stevie, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Tamla)
Stevie (as Eivets Rednow), “Alfie”
Stevie (as Eivets Rednow), Eivets Rednow (Tamla)
imageAretha, Lady Soul (Atlantic)
imageAretha, “Since You’ve Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)” / “Ain’t No Way” (R&B)
Impressions, We’re a Winner (ABC)
imageStevie, “Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day” (R&B)
Impressions, “We’re Rolling On”
image Aretha, Aretha Now (Atlantic)
Impressions, “I Loved and I Lost”
Stevie, “You Met Your Match”
imageAretha, “Think” / “You Send Me” (R&B)
Aretha, “The House That Jack Built” / “I Say a Little Prayer”
Impressions, “Fool for You”
Impressions, The Best of the Impressions (ABC)
Stevie, “For Once in My Life”
Aretha, Aretha in Paris (Atlantic)
Aretha, “See Saw” / “My Song”
Impressions, “This Is My Country”
Impressions, This Is My Country (Curtom)

1 9 6 9

Stevie, For Once in My Life (Tamla)
Aretha, Soul ’69 (Atlantic)
Impressions, “My Deceiving Heart” / “Seven Years”
Aretha, “The Weight” / “The Tracks of My Tears”
Aretha, “I Can’t See Myself Leaving You” / “Gentle on My Mind”
Impressions, The Young Mod’s Forgotten Story (Curtom)
Stevie, “My Cherie Amour”
imageImpressions, “Choice of Colors” (R&B)
Aretha, Aretha’s Gold (Atlantic)
imageAretha, “Share Your Love with Me” (R&B)
Stevie, My Cherie Amour (Tamla)
Impressions, “Say You Love Me”
Stevie, “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday”
Aretha, “Eleanor Rigby”

1 9 7 0

imageAretha, “Call Me” / “Son of a Preacher Man” (R&B)
Stevie, “Never Had a Dream Come True”
Aretha, This Girl’s in Love with You (Atlantic)
Stevie, Stevie Wonder Live (Tamla)
Aretha, “Spirit in the Dark” / “The Thrill Is Gone”
imageStevie, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” (R&B)
Stevie, Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Tamla)
Impressions, “Check Out Your Mind”
Impressions, Check Out Your Mind
Impressions, “(Baby), Turn to Me”
image Aretha, “Don’t Play That Song” (R&B)
Aretha, Spirit in the Dark (Atlantic)
Curtis, Curtis (Curtom)
Stevie, “Heaven Help Us All”
Aretha, “Border Song (Holy Moses)” / “You and Me”
Curtis, “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go” / “The
Makings of You”

1 9 7 1

Aretha, “You’re All I Need to Get By”
Curtis, “Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)”
Stevie, “We Can Work It Out” / “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer”
imageAretha, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” / “Brand New Me” (R&B)
Stevie, Where I’m Coming From (Tamla)
Curtis, Curtis/Live! (Curtom)
image Aretha, Aretha Live at Fillmore West (Atlantic)
imageAretha, “Spanish Harlem” (R&B)
Stevie, “If You Really Love Me”
Aretha, Aretha’s Greatest Hits (Atlantic)
Aretha, “Rock Steady” / “Oh Me Oh My (I’m a Fool for You Baby)”
Curtis, “Get Down”
Curtis, Roots (Curtom)
Stevie, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (Tamla)
Stevie, “What Christmas Means to Me”

1 9 7 2

Aretha, Young, Gifted and Black (Atlantic)
Curtis, “We Got to Have Peace”
imageAretha, “Day Dreaming” (R&B)
Stevie, Music of My Mind (Tamla)
Stevie, “Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)”
Curtis, “Beautiful Brother of Mine”
image Aretha, Amazing Grace (Atlantic)
Aretha, “All the King’s Horses”
Curtis, “Freddie’s Dead”
image Curtis, Super Fly (Curtom)
Aretha, “Wholly Holy”
Stevie, “Keep On Running” / “Evil”
image Stevie, Talking Book (Tamla)
Curtis, “Super Fly”
imageStevie, “Superstition” (R&B, pop)

1 9 7 3

Aretha, “Master of Eyes (The Deepness of Your Eyes)”
imageStevie, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” (pop)
Curtis, Back to the World (Curtom)
imageAretha, “Angel” (R&B)
Curtis, “Future Shock”
Aretha, Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) (Atlantic)
imageStevie, Innervisions (Tamla)
imageStevie, “Higher Ground” (R&B)
Curtis, “If I Were Only a Child Again”
imageStevie, “Living for the City” (R&B)
Curtis, Curtis in Chicago (Curtom)
image Aretha, “Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” (R&B)
Curtis, “Can’t Say Nothin’ ”

1 9 7 4

Aretha, Let Me in Your Life (Atlantic)
Stevie, “Don’t You Worry ’Bout a Thing”
imageAretha, “I’m in Love” (R&B)
Curtis, Sweet Exorcist (Curtom)
Curtis, “Kung Fu”
imageStevie, “You Haven’t Done Nothing” (R&B, pop)
imageStevie, Fulfillingness’ First Finale (Tamla)
Aretha, “Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing”
Curtis, “Sweet Exorcist”
Aretha, “Without Love”
Curtis, Got to Find a Way (Curtom)
image Stevie, “Boogie On Reggae Woman” (R&B)
Aretha, With Everything I Feel in Me (Atlantic)

1 9 7 5

Curtis, “Mother’s Son”
Aretha, “With Everything I Feel in Me”
Curtis, There’s No Place Like America Today (Curtom)
Curtis, “So in Love”
Aretha, “Mr. D.J. (5 for the D.J.)”
Aretha, You (Atlantic)

1 9 7 6

Aretha, “You”
imageAretha, “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” (R&B)
Aretha, Sparkle (Atlantic), produced by Curtis Mayfield
Curtis, Give, Get, Take and Have (Curtom)
Curtis, “Only You Babe”
Aretha, “Jump”
imageStevie, Songs in the Key of Life (Tamla)
Curtis, “Party Night”
imageStevie, “I Wish” (R&B, pop)

1 9 7 7

Aretha, “Look into Your Heart”
Curtis, Never Say You Can’t Survive
imageStevie, “Sir Duke” (R&B, pop)
Aretha, “Break It to Me Gently”
Curtis, “Show Me Love”
Stevie, “Another Star”
Aretha, Sweet Passion (Atlantic)
Curtis, “Do Do Wap Is Strong in Here”
Stevie, “As”
Curtis, Short Eyes
Stevie, Looking Back

1 9 7 8

Curtis, “You Are You Are”
Aretha, Almighty Fire (Atlantic), produced by Curtis Mayfield
Aretha, “More than Just a Joy”
Curtis, “Do It All Night”
Curtis, Do It All Night (Curtom)

1 9 7 9

Stevie with Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, “Pops, We Love You”
Curtis, “This Year”
Curtis, Heartbeat (Curtom)
Curtis with Linda Clifford, “Between You Baby and Me” / “You’re So Good to Me”
Aretha, “Ladies Only”
Aretha, La Diva (Atlantic)
Stevie, “Send One Your Love”
imageStevie, Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (Tamla)
Aretha, “Half a Love”

1 9 8 0

Stevie, “Outside My Window”
Curtis with Linda Clifford, “Love’s Sweet Sensation”
Curtis, “Love Me Love Me Now”
Curtis with Linda Clifford, The Right Combination (Curtom)
Curtis, Something to Believe In (Curtom)
Curtis, “Tripping Out”
image Stevie, “Master Blaster ( Jammin’)” (R&B)
Aretha, Aretha (Arista)
imageStevie, Hotter than July
Aretha, “United Together”
Stevie, “I Ain’t Gonna Stand for It” / “Knocks Me Off My Feet”
Aretha, “Think,” on The Blues Brothers soundtrack (Atlantic)

1 9 8 1

Aretha, “What a Fool Believes”
Stevie, “Lately” / “If It’s Magic”
Aretha, “Come to Me”
Aretha, “Love All the Hurt Away”
Stevie, “Did I Hear You Say You Love Me?”
Aretha, Love All the Hurt Away (Arista)
Curtis, “She Don’t Let Nobody But Me”
Curtis, Love Is the Place (Boardwalk)
Aretha, “It’s My Turn”
Curtis, “Toot an’ Toot an’ Toot”

1 9 8 2

imageStevie, “That Girl” (R&B)
image Stevie with Paul McCartney, “Ebony and Ivory” (pop)
image Stevie, Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium (Tamla)
Stevie, “Do I Do” / “Rocket Love”
imageAretha, “Jump to It” (R&B)
Aretha, Jump to It (Arista)
Stevie, “Ribbon in the Sky” / “Black Orchid”
Curtis, “Hey Baby (Give It All to Me)”
Curtis, Honesty (Boardwalk)
Stevie with Charlene, “Used to Be” / “I Want to Come Back as a Song”
Aretha, “Love Me Right”

1 9 8 3

Aretha, “This Is for Real”
imageAretha, “Get It Right” (R&B)
Aretha, Get It Right (Arista)
Aretha, “Every Girl (Wants My Guy)”

1 9 8 4

imageStevie, “I Just Called to Say I Love You” (R&B, pop)
imageStevie, The Woman in Red (Motown)
Stevie, “Love Light in Flight”

1 9 8 5

imageAretha, “Freeway of Love” (R&B)
image Aretha, Who’s Zoomin’ Who? (Arista)
image Stevie, “Part-Time Lover” (R&B, pop)
Aretha, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”
Curtis, “Baby, It’s You”
image Stevie, In Square Circle (Tamla)
image Stevie with Dionne Warwick and Friends, “That’s What Friends Are For” (R&B,
Curtis, We Come in Peace with a Message of Love (CRC/Ichiban)
Aretha with the Eurythmics, “Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves”
Stevie, “Go Home”

1 9 8 6

Aretha, “Another Night”
Stevie, “Overjoyed”
Aretha, “Ain’t Nobody Loved You”
Stevie, “Land of La La”
Aretha, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
Aretha, Aretha (1986)
Aretha, “Jimmy Lee”

1 9 8 7

imageAretha with George Michael, “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” (pop)
Aretha, “Rock-A-Lott”
image Stevie, “Skeletons” (R&B)
Aretha, “If You Need My Love Tonight”
Curtis with the Blow Monkeys, “Celebrate (The Day After You)”
Stevie, Characters (Motown)
Aretha, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism (Arista)
Aretha with Mavis Staples, “Oh Happy Day”

1 9 8 8

imageStevie, “You Will Know” (R&B)
Curtis, Live in Europe (CRC/Ichiban)
Stevie with Michael Jackson, “Get It”
Stevie with Julio Iglesias, “My Love”
Stevie, “My Eyes Don’t Cry”
Aretha with the Four Tops, “If Ever a Love There Was”

1 9 8 9

Stevie, “With Each Beat of My Heart”
Aretha with Elton John, “Through the Storm”
Aretha, Through the Storm (Arista)
Aretha with Whitney Houston, “It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be”
Aretha with James Brown, “Gimme Your Love”

1 9 9 0

Curtis, “Homeless”
Curtis, Take It to the Streets (CRC/Ichiban)
Stevie, “Keep Our Love Alive”
Curtis, “Do Be Down”
Curtis with Ice-T, “Superfly 1990,” on The Return of Superfly (Capitol)

1 9 9 1

Stevie, “Gotta Have You”
Stevie, Music from the Movie Jungle Fever (Motown)
Aretha, “Everyday People”
Aretha, What You See Is What You Sweat (Arista)
Stevie, “Fun Day”
Aretha, “Someone Else’s Eyes”
Stevie, “These Three Words”

1 9 9 2

Aretha, “If I Lose,” from the White Men Can’t Jump soundtrack

1 9 9 4

Aretha with Michael McDonald, “Ever Changing Times”
Aretha, “A Deeper Love,” from the Sister Act soundtrack
Aretha, Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits, 1980-1994 (Arista)
Aretha, “Willing to Forgive”
Stevie with Whitney Houston, “We Didn’t Know”
Aretha, “Honey”

1 9 9 5

Stevie, “For Your Love”
Stevie, Conversation Peace (Motown)
Stevie, “Tomorrow Robins Will Sing”
Aretha, “It Hurts Like Hell,” from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack (Arista)
Stevie, Natural Wonder
Stevie, “Treat Myself ”

1 9 9 6

Curtis, New World Order (Warner Bros.)
Curtis, “New World Order”
Stevie, Song Review: A Greatest Hits Collection
Stevie, “Kiss Away Your Tears”

1 9 9 7

Curtis, “No One Knows About a Good Thing”
Stevie with Herbie Hancock, “St. Louis Blues”
Stevie with Babyface, “How Come, How Long”
Curtis, “Back to Living Again”

1 9 9 8

Aretha, “A Rose Is Still a Rose”
Aretha, A Rose Is Still a Rose (Arista)
Aretha, “Here We Go Again”
Aretha, “Chain of Fools,” “Natural Woman,” and “Testimony” on VH1 Divas Live (Epic)

2 0 0 0

Stevie, “Misrepresented People” and “Some Years Ago” on the soundtrack to Bamboozled