Armanen Runes

Armanen Runes

The Armanen Runes are a system of divination and magic based on the ancient Germanic runic alphabet. The runes are an integral part of Germanic mythology and have been used for centuries for divination, healing, and magic. The Armanen Runes were developed by Guido von List in the early 20th century and have since become popular among practitioners of Germanic neopaganism and esotericism.

The Armanen Runes are a set of 18 runes, which are divided into three groups of six. Each rune has a specific name, meaning, and esoteric significance. The runes are used for divination, meditation, and magical practice. They are also used to create bindrunes, which are combinations of two or more runes that are used for specific purposes.

The Armanen Runes are based on the Elder Futhark, the oldest known runic alphabet. However, von List made several modifications to the runes to create the Armanen Runes. He claimed that the modifications were based on ancient esoteric knowledge that had been passed down through the ages. Von List also claimed that the Armanen Runes were the original runic alphabet, and that they predated the Elder Futhark.

The Armanen Runes have been used for divination since their creation. They are typically cast onto a cloth or other surface, and the position and orientation of the runes are interpreted to provide insight into the past, present, and future. The runes can also be used for meditation, with each rune representing a specific aspect of the universe or the self. The runes can also be used for magical practice, with each rune having a specific energy or power that can be harnessed for specific purposes.

One of the key features of the Armanen Runes is their connection to Germanic mythology. Each rune is associated with a specific god or goddess, and the runes are often used in rituals and invocations to these deities. The runes are also associated with specific elements, colors, and animals, which are used to enhance their magical properties.

The Armanen Runes have been the subject of controversy among scholars and practitioners of Germanic neopaganism and esotericism. Some critics argue that von List's claims about the ancient origins of the runes are unfounded, and that the modifications he made to the runes were arbitrary and without historical basis. Others argue that the Armanen Runes are a legitimate system of divination and magic, and that they have been used successfully by many practitioners.