365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014


Vision Board Spread

Speak with Ancestors Spread

Protection Spread

Big Purchase Spread

Bird’s-Eye View Spread

Kick a Bad Habit Spread

Excellent Eating Habits Spread

Get Out of Debt Spread

Mermaid Magic Spread

Activate the Muse Spread

Gratitude Spread

X-ray Vision Spread

Knights Templar Spread

Make Up for Wrongdoing Spread

Carmenta’s Divination Spread

Weight Loss/Gain Spread

Hidden Desire Spread

Tantric Kundalini Spread

Soulmate Spread

Qualities of Aquarius Spread

Hug Spread

Cleopatra’s Needle Spread

Environmental Action Spread

Release Obsessive Thoughts Spread

Evil Villain Spread

Climb Every Mountain Spread

Alice in Wonderland Spread

End a Family Feud Spread

Peaceful Night’s Sleep Spread

Walk Away or Try Harder Spread

Saraswati’s Creative Flow Spread

Tarot School’s Double-Edged Sword Spread

Candlemas Candle Magic Spread

Change Your Situation Spread

Snow White Spread

Peter Pan Spread

Aphrodite’s Bombshell Spread

Pinocchio’s Truthfulness Spread

Tree of Life Spread

Collision of the Elements Spread

Snake Bite Spread

Salome’s Dance of Seven Veils Spread

Imbolc Stirring Within You Spread

Fertility Spread

Valentine’s Day Courtly Love Spread

Problem-Solving Spread

Synesthesia Experiment Spread

Kindness Spread

Gertrude Moakley’s Problem-Solving Spread

Qualities of Pisces Spread

Forgive Someone Spread

Erotic Thoughts Spread

Sybil Leek’s Mount of Venus Spread

Seeking the Light Masonic Mystery Spread

Innovation Spread

Defensiveness Spread

Les Misérables Spread

Haunted House Spread

Moina Mathers’s Clairvoyance Spread

Lunar Eclipse Spread

Procrastinating Spread

Dr. Seuss’s Feeling Grinchy Spread

Secrets of the Forest Spread

Cinderella’s Jealousy Spread

Justice Card Spread

Embrace Your Creative Process Spread

Roommate Spread

Female Nature Spread

Limiting Belief Spread

Lord Shiva’s Find a Mate Spread

Unexpected Storm Spread

Summer Flowers Spread

Qualities of Uranus Spread

Reciprocation of Love Spread

Is My Crush Crushing Back Spread

Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic Spread

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Spread

Edgar Cayce’s Aura Spread

Wisdom of Minerva Spread

Ostara Serpent Magic Spread

Qualities of Aries Spread

Wheel of Fortune Spread

Philosopher’s Spread

Conflict Resolution Spread

Olympian Advice Spread

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Spread

Titanic’s Unrequited Love Spread

Kuan Yin’s Compassion Spread

Mercury’s Business Communication Spread

Goddess of Health Spread

Secrets of the Moon Spread

Fool’s Spread

My Fairy Tale Spread

Rolling the Dice Fortunetelling Spread

Where Should I Live Spread

Writing a Will Spread

Know Thyself Spread

Reason to Celebrate Spread

Wisdom of Swords Spread

Vacation Spread

Magical Trees Spread

Imagination to Reality Spread

Interview with the Vampire Spread

The Noble Eightfold Path Spread

Right Relationship for Me Spread

Leonardo da Vinci’s Creative Solution Spread

Castle of Crossed Destinies’ Inversion Spread

Financial Responsibility Spread

Inner Beauty Spread

Primrose Magic Spread

Qualities of Taurus Spread

Secrets of Rome Spread

Voice of the Earth Spread

St. George’s Slay the Dragon Spread

Flirting with Danger Spread

Should I Tell Them I Love Them Spread

Goal Setting Spread

Tornado Spread

Floralia’s Flowers of Spring Spread

Happy Marriage Spread

Lover’s Baggage Spread

Beltane Crossing Over Spread

The Loch Ness Magical Scotland Spread

Tower Card Spread

Anger Management Spread

Cinco de Mayo Against All Odds Spread

Freudian Analysis Spread

Bourbon Street Spread

Seven Themes of Van Gogh Spread

T. S. Eliot’s Poets & Writers Spread

Court de Gébelin’s Under Your Nose Spread

Frieda Harris’s Painter’s Palette Spread

Mother’s Day Spread

Exorcism Spread

Rockefeller’s Balanced Budget Spread

Qualities of Mercury Spread

Academy Awards Spread

Pendulum Spread

Empress Card Spread

Marilyn Monroe’s Flames of Desire Spread

Slow It Down Spread

Qualities of Gemini Spread

Gothic Torture Spread

Mesmerizing Spread

Celebrate like a Queen Birthday Spread

Star Wars Spread

Dracula Spread

Palm Reading Spread

Freedom Spread

Einstein’s Examining a Solution Spread

Wisdom of Pentacles Spread

Yoga Asana Archetype Spread

Find True North Spread

Circus Spread

Bellona’s Fury Spread

Improve My Sex Life Spread

Qualities of Venus Spread

Summer Fun Spread

Vesta’s Happy Home Spread

Ghost-Hunting Spread

Partnership Spread

Unhappiness at Work Spread

Trojan Horse Spread

Magician Card Spread

Papus’s Tarot Discovery Spread

Six Realms of Existence Spread

Spiritualism Spread

Summer Lovin’ Spread

Pushing Boundaries Spread

Picnic Spread

Father’s Day Spread

Litha Midsummer Solstice Spread

Qualities of Cancer Spread

Sensitive Breakup Spread

Indiana Jones Life’s Adventure Spread

Midsummer Magical Love Spread

Jacques Cousteau’s Adventure Spread

Your Personal Symbol Spread

Vampire’s Kiss Spread

Should I Take This Job Spread

Gender-Bending Spread

Full Moon Spread

Qualities of Saturn Spread

Savings Spread

Declare Your Independence Spread

Seven Planetary Metals Spread

Kiss Me, Kill Me Spread

Houdini’s Transformation Spread

UFO Spread

Four Chambers of the Heart Spread

Lady Godiva Spread

Setting Boundaries Spread

Transcendental Spread

John Dee’s Horoscope Spread

Bastille Day Start a Revolution Spread

Wisdom of Thoth Spread

Moving Spread

Financial Investment Spread

Root of the Problem Spread

Ballerina Spread

Moon Mystery Small Step Spread

Hemingway Spread

Sun Card Spread

Qualities of Leo Spread

Triple Goddess Spread

Salacia’s Secrets Spread

Jungian Archetype Personality Spread

Dream Inspiration Spread

Should or Shouldn’t I Spread

Heartbreak Spread

Starting a Business Spread

Failure and Imagination Spread

Lammas/Lughnasa Herb Garden Spread

Legal Documents Spread

Chalchiuhtlicue’s Regeneration Spread

Toast Yourself Spread

Salus’s Healing Spread

Engage Intimacy Spread

Florentine Magic Spread

Should I Quit This Job Spread

Am I Being Lied To Spread

Meteor Shower Spread

Imprisonment Spread

High Priestess Card Spread

Moon Card Spread

Lizard Wisdom Spread

Julia Child’s Never Too Late Spread

Horse Lovers Spread

Mysterious Dr. Apollo Spread

Honor Your Ancestors Spread

Revamping My Wardrobe Spread

Lovecraftian Horror Spread

Grow Your Business Spread

Stealing Beauty Spread

Qualities of Virgo Spread

Goddess of the Dead Spread

Qualities of Neptune Spread

Loyalty of a Pooch Spread

Stephen King’s Terror Spread

Northern Lights Goddess Aurora Spread

Mary Poppins Spread

Frankenstein Spread

Wisdom of Wands Spread

Embrace Your Dark Side Spread

Nike’s Success Spread

Burning Man Spread

City of Angels Spread

Should I Start This Project Spread

Accepting Loss Spread

Strength Card Spread

Sibling Issues Spread

Past Lives of Lovers Spread

Marie Laveau’s Voodoo Spread

Forgiveness Spread

Peek-a-Boo Burlesque Spread

Am I Ready for Parenthood Spread

Live in the Moment Spread

Hierophant Card Spread

New Life Spread

Witchy Woman Spread

Obsession and Fatal Attraction Spread

Pirate Spread

Sophia Loren’s Sensuality Spread

Mabon Delicate Balance Spread

Judgement Card Spread

Qualities of Libra Spread

Lawsuit Spread

Guiding Goals Spread

Lovers Card Spread

Star Card Spread

Wisdom of Confucius Spread

Seven Days of the Week Spread

Rumi’s Poetic Life Spread

Zombie Apocalypse Spread

A. E. Waite’s Boaz & Jachin Spread

Paul Foster Case’s Mystery School Spread

Gravitation Spread

Twilight’s Love Triangle Spread

Persephone’s Spread

Jungian Spread

Cheiro’s Lines of the Palm Spread

Supernova Spread

Depression Spread

Make a Difference Spread

Aleister Crowley’s Reincarnation Spread

Qualities of Mars Spread

Mary Greer’s Breaking Barriers Spread

Time Management Spread

Picture of Dorian Gray Spread

Higher Self Spread

Future Lover Spread

Knight’s Spread

Devil Card Spread

Temperance Card Spread

Existential Questions Spread

Qualities of Scorpio Spread

Wedding Planning Spread

Pablo Picasso’s Creativity Spread

Find Your Voice Spread

Volunteering Spread

School Spread

Feline Mystery Spread

Paranoia Spread

Halloween Year Ahead Spread

Speak to the Dead Spread

Break Out of a Rut Spread

Chariot Card Spread

Civic Duty Spread

Fawkes’s Change the Situation Spread

Hanged Man Spread

Hermit Card Spread

Vampire’s Immortality Spread

Pet Spread

Sesame Street’s Inner Child Spread

Divorce Spread

Back to the Future Spread

Be Lucky on Friday the 13th Spread

Monet’s Unseen Opportunities Spread

Easter Island Unanswered Question Spread

Hecate’s Shamanic Spread

Little Mermaid Spread

Rejection Spread

Doom Bar Spread

Conversation with Art and Places Spread

Venetian Mask Spread

Qualities of Sagittarius Spread

Loneliness Spread

Wisdom of Cups Spread

Tibetan Book of the Dead Spread

Death Card Spread

Emperor Card Spread

Job for Me Spread

Wreath Spread

Hecate’s Witch’s Cabinet Spread

Rosa Parks’s Defending Yourself Spread

Marquis de Sade’s S & M Spread

Bona Dea’s Female Power Spread

Magical Gemstones Spread

Bermuda Triangle Lost Object Spread

Psychic Self-Defense Spread

Qualities of Jupiter Spread

Jim Morrison’s Addiction Spread

Should I Stay or Should I Go Spread

Manage Holiday Stress Spread

Career Advancement Spread

Find the Perfect Gift Spread

See the Light of Truth Spread

Nostradamus’s Psychic Development Spread

Gone with the Wind Spread

Tea Leaf Reading Spread

Saturnalia Relieving Stress Spread

Mistletoe Kiss Spread

Get Rid of a Ghost Spread

Shadow People Spread

Qualities of Capricorn Spread

Santa’s Reindeer Spread

Wisdom of a Holiday Tree Spread

Opening a Gift Spread

Kwanzaa Spread

Fear Spread

Westminster Abbey Spread

Three Witches of Macbeth Spread

Party Planning Spread

World Card Spread

Leap of Faith Spread