The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009



Elements of Magic Spells


Key Concepts for Casting Magic Spells

Ritual Tools and Techniques

Using this book

The Spells

Animal Spells

Banishing Spells

Better Business and Professional Success Spells

Cleansing Spells

Courtcase Spells: Legal Spells and Spells for Justice

Death Spells: Death, Ghosts, Necromancy, and Vampires

Divination Spells

Spell of Domination, Persuasion, and Influence

Dream Spells: Dreams, Insomnia, Nightmares, Astral Projection, and Witches’ Flying Potions

The Evil Eye

Fertility: Spells for Conception and Contraception

Fire Safety Spells

Gamblers’ Spells and Charms

Happy Home Spells

Healing Spells

Hexes and their Antidotes

Invisibility and Transformation Spells

Love Magic: Spells for Romance, True Love, Seduction, and Sex

Luck and Success Spells

Marriage and Divorce Spells

Money Spells: Spells for Wealth, Prosperity, and Financial Stability

Pregnancy and Childbirth Spells: Spells to Protect Mothers and Infants

Protection Spells

Psychic Power Spells

Spells for Travelers

Spirit Summoning Spells

Theft, Lost Objects, and Missing Persons

Unblocking Spells

Weather Spells

Youth, Beauty, and Longevity Spells




Botanical Classifications