Crystals for Energy Protection - Judy Hall 2020

Crystals for Energy Protection - Judy Hall 2020

Foreword to the Third Edition: Moving Forward

Preface: Learning by Experience

Introduction: Feeling Safe in an Uncertain World

Understanding Your Energy Field

Introducing Your Energy Field

The Subtle Energy Bodies

Healthy Boundaries

The Chakras: Your Subtle Immune System

Balancing the Chakras and Subtle Bodies with Crystals

Opening the Higher Chakras

The Immune Systems and Dis-ease

Foiling the Energy Pirates

The Effect of Electromagnetic Stress on Your Energy Field

Protection Tools

Introducing Protection Tools

Tool 1: Your Crystal Treasure Chest

Tool 2: Crystal Layouts

Tool 3: Amulets

Tool 4: Relaxation Crystals

Tool 5: Gem Essences

Tool 6: The Bubble of Light

Tool 7: The Golden Pyramid

Tool 8: Breathing

Tool 9: Intention and Focus

Tool 10: Trust

Tool 11: Affirmations

Tool 12: Visioning and Re-visioning

Tool 13: Ceremony

Tool 14: Positive Thought

Tool 15: Guardian Angels

Tool 16: Psychic Shields

Tool 17: Gridding and Sacred Symbols

Tool 18: Journeying

Tool 19: Cleansing with Smoke

Tool 20: Gratitude and Blessing

Tool 21: Happiness

Tool 22: Animal Allies

Tool 23: Crystal EFT

Eliminate the Negative

Introducing Eliminating the Negative

Creating Safe Spaces



Transmuting Toxic Emotions

Reversing Mental Overload

Healing Karmic and Ancestral Dis-ease

Neutralizing the Attackers, Whoever They Are

Protecting Family and Friends

Accentuate the Positive

Introducing Accentuating the Positive

Finding Inner Peace

Finding Serenity

Enhancing Your Spiritual Equilibrium

Finding Abundance

Feeding Your Body and Soul


Notes and References


Further Reading