Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution - Linda Hirshman

Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution - Linda Hirshman (2012)

Introduction: How an Army of Good Gays Won the West

Chapter 1. Gays and the Cities: Community First, Politics Later

Chapter 2. Red in Bed: It Takes a Communist to Recognize Gay Oppression

Chapter 3. It Was the Sixties That Did It: Gays Get Radical, Radicals Get Gay

Chapter 4. Stonewall Uprising: Gays Finally Get Some Respect

Chapter 5. The Good Gays Fight the Four Horsemen: Crazy, Sinful, Criminal, and Subversive

Chapter 6. Dying for the Movement: The Terrible Political Payoff of AIDS

Chapter 7. ACT UP: Five Years That Shook the World

Chapter 8. Failed Marriages and Losing Battles: The Premature Campaign for Marriage and Military Service

Chapter 9. Founding Fathers: Winning Modern Rights Before Fighting Ancient Battles

Chapter 10. Massing the Troops for the Last Battle: The New-Media Gay Revolution

Chapter 11. With Liberal Friends: Who Needs Enemies?

Chapter 12. Victory: The Civil Rights March of Our Generation