The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, the Epidemic that Shaped Our History - Molly Caldwell Crosby (2006)

Part III. Cuba, 1900

Chapter 19. A New Century

Columbia Barracks, 
Quemados, Cuba, 
Decr. 31st 1900.

My precious wifie:

11:50 P.M. Dec. 31st 1900—Only 10 minutes of the old Century remain, lovie, dear. Here I have been sitting reading that most wonderful book—La Roche on Yellow fever—written in 1853—Forty-seven years later it has been permitted to me & my assistants to lift the impenetrable veil that has surrounded the causation of this [most] dreadful pest of humanity and to put it on a rational & scientific basis—I thank God that this has been accomplished during the latter days of the old century—May its cure be wrought out in the early days of the new century! The prayer that has been mine for twenty or more years, that I might be permitted in some way or sometime to do something to alleviatehuman suffering, has been answered! 12 midnight! A thousand happy new years to my precious, thrice precious wifie and daughter! Congratulations to my sweet girls on their good health upon the arrival of the New Century! Hark! there go the 24 buglers, all in concert, sounding “Taps” for the old year! How beautiful it floats through the midnight air and how appropriate! Good-night my sweet joys, a thousand sweet dreams of father and dear brother! kisses & love & love & kisses for my precious, thrice precious girls in these first minutes of the 20th Century!