The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America - Walter R. Borneman (2006)





December 11

Washington arrives at Fort Le Boeuf



July 4

Washington surrenders Fort Necessity

July 11

Albany Congress adjourns

September 15

Braddock commissioned commander in chief



February 20

Braddock arrives in Virginia

June 8

Boscawen captures the Alcide and the Lys

July 9

Braddock’s Defeat on the Monongahela

September 8

Battle of Lake George



May 18

Great Britain declares war on France

May 20

French defeat Admiral Byng off Minorca

June 9

France reciprocates and declares war on Great Britain

August 14

Surrender of British forts at Oswego



June 29

Pitt-Newcastle ministry takes office

July 25

Duke of Cumberland defeated at Hastenbeck

August 5

Lord Loudoun abandons attack on Louisbourg

August 9

British surrender Fort William Henry

November 5

Frederick the Great defeats French at Rossbach



June 8

Wolfe leads British troops ashore in Garabus Bay

July 8

Battle of Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga)

July 27

French surrender Louisbourg to Amherst

August 27

Bradstreet raids Fort Frontenac

September 14

Grant’s battle outside Fort Duquesne

October 12

Battle of Fort Ligonier

November 24

French abandon Fort Duquesne

December 29

British capture Gorée in Senegal



January 16

Barrington lands on Martinique

January 23

Barrington lands on Guadeloupe

May 2

French surrender Guadeloupe to British

June 26

Wolfe’s troops land near Quebec

July 25

French surrender Fort Niagara

July 26

French abandon Fort Carillon

July 31

French abandon Fort Saint Frédéric

August 18–19

Boscawen defeats de la Clue off Lagos

September 13

Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec)

September 17

French surrender Quebec

October 4

Rogers and his rangers attack Saint Francis

November 20

Hawke defeats Conflans in Quiberon Bay



April 28

Second Battle of Quebec (Sainte-Foy)

May 15

British relief fleet arrives at Quebec

August 8

Fort Loudoun surrenders to Cherokee

September 8

French surrender Montreal and all of Canada

September 13

Rogers departs Montreal for Detroit

October 25

King George II dies



August 15

Bourbon Family Compact signed

October 4

William Pitt resigns his office



January 4

Great Britain declares war on Spain

February 13

British capture Martinique

August 11

British capture Havana

October 6

British capture Manila in Philippines



February 10

Treaty of Paris signed

May 7

Pontiac first tries to take Detroit

June 2

Chippewa capture Fort Michilimackinac

July 31

Battle of Bloody Run near Detroit

August 5–6

Battle of Bushy Run near Pittsburgh

August 10

Relief of Fort Pitt by British forces

October 7

Proclamation of 1763 issued by George III

November 16

Gage succeeds Amherst as commander in chief