Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love - Dava Sobel

Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love - Dava Sobel (2000)

Part I. To Florence

I. She who was so precious to you

II. This grand book the universe

III. Bright stars speak of your virtues

IV. To have the truth seen and recognized

V. In the very face of the sun

VI. Observant executrix of God’s commands

VII. The malice of my persecutors

VIII. Conjecture here among shadous

Part II. On Bellosguardo

IX. How our father is favored

X. To busy myself in your service

XI. What we require above all else

XII. Because of our zeal

XIII. Through my memory of their eloquence

XIV. A small and trifling body

XV. On the right path, by the grace of God

XVI. The tempest of our many torments

Part III. In Rome

XVII. While seeking to immortalige your fame

XVIII. Since the lord chastises us with these whips

XIX. The hope of having you always near

XX. That I should be begged to publish such a work

Part IV. In Care of the Tuscan Embassy, Villa Medici, Rome

XXI. How anxiously I live, awaiting word from you

XXII. In the chambers of the Holy office of the Inquisition

XXIII. Vainglorious ambition, pure ignorance, and inadvertence

XXIV. Faith vested in the miraculous Madonna of Impruneta

XXV. Judgment passed on your book and your person

Part V. At Siena

XXVI. Not knowing how to refuse him the keys

XXVII. Terrible destruction on the feast of San Lorenzo

XXVIII. Recitation of the penitential psalms

XXIX. The book of life, or, A prophet accepted in his own land

Part VI. From Arcetri

XXX. My soul and its longing

XXXI. Until I have this from your lips

XXXII. As I struggle to understand

XXXIII. The memory of the sweetnesses