Homemade Natural Remedies: 80 Organic Beauty Recipes On A Budget For A Healthy Life - Lora Brenner (2016)

Book 3. Soap Making: Essential Guide For Absolute Beginners. 20 Homemade Organic Recipes

Chapter 16. Calendula Soap


1 teaspoon dried Calendula petals

4.23 ounces boiling water

2.25 ounces lye

0.67 ounces shea butter

2.75 ounces sunflower oil

2.9 ounces palm oil

5.78 ounces olive oil

3.9 ounces coconut oil

6 drops Vitamin E oil

Step 1: Infuse the flowers

Combine the calendula flowers with the boiling water in a jar. Seal the jar and leave to infuse until cooled at room temperature.

Step 2: Add the lye

Transfer the flowers and water to a stainless steel bowl. Add the lye and stir continuously. Set aside to cool.

Step 3: Mix the oils

Combine the oils and butter and melt over medium heat.

Step 4: Blend

Once the temperature of both mixtures is 90F, add the water and lye to the oils. Use a stick blender to combine.

Step 5: Molding

Once you reach trace, pour the soap mixture into your molds and leave to harden.

Step 6: Cut into bars

Unmold, cut into bars and leave to cure for 3 to 5 weeks.