Homemade Natural Remedies: 80 Organic Beauty Recipes On A Budget For A Healthy Life - Lora Brenner (2016)

Book 3. Soap Making: Essential Guide For Absolute Beginners. 20 Homemade Organic Recipes

Chapter 5. Activated Charcoal Soap



8 ounces distilled water

3.45 ounces lye

5 ounces cocoa butter

10 ounces olive oil

10 ounces grapeseed oil

1 tablespoon activated charcoal powder

3 vitamin E capsules

70 drops of fragrance oil (optional)

Step 1: Combine the water and lye

Add the distilled water in a ceramic or glass cup that is microwave safe. Slowly add in the lye, mixing gently. Mix with a metal utensil and set aside.

Step 2: Melt the butter and add the oils

Melt the cocoa butter over very low heat until it turns to liquid. Transfer the melted butter to a large ceramic or glass bowl. Stir in the extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil. Mix gently.

Step 3: Blend

Use a stick blender to combine the oils and the lye water mixture. Gradually pour the lye water mixture to the oils and blend until the mixture reaches trace. This means that the texture of the mixture should be like that of pudding or yogurt.

Step 4: Add the remaining ingredients

Add the activated charcoal, vitamin E capsules as well as the fragrance oil. Blend again until all the ingredients are incorporated well.

Step 5: Pour into molds

The mixture can be poured into the molds or containers. You can use milk cartons that are wax-based. Wrap them with saran wrap and a blanket and leave to sit for 2-3 days. This will help the soap insulate.

Step 6: Cut into bars

Then, you can cut the soap into bars, but if you used individual molds, then you can immediately store the bars after removing from the mold.