Homemade Natural Remedies: 80 Organic Beauty Recipes On A Budget For A Healthy Life - Lora Brenner (2016)

Book 1. Essential Oils: 20+ Recipes For Your Body And Soul. Look Relaxed And Well-Groomed

Chapter 6. Chamomile Oil

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Things you’ll need:

1/2 cup chamomile flowers, completely dried and cleaned from any dirt

¼cup virgin olive oil

1/4 tablespoon rosemary oil extract

1 tablespoon vitamin E

How to make the oil?

Step 1: First, sterilize a small glass bottle. To do this, prepare boiling water and soak the bottle. Leave it for a few minutes and then leave to dry.

Step 2:Pour in enough olive oil until the bottle is¾full.

Step 3: Add the flowers and stir gently so as to soak them completely in the oil. Seal the bottle tightly.

Step 4: Place the bottle in a spot where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. You should gently take off the lid every day and remove any moisture with a paper towel. Seal the bottle again and shake it well. Repeat this procedure for two weeks.

Step 5: Use fine cheesecloth to strain the oil into another sterilized glass bottle. Discard the flowers.

Step 6: Add the vitamin E and rosemary oil extract and mix well.

Step 7: Make a label and store the oil in a cool and dark place.