Homemade Natural Remedies: 80 Organic Beauty Recipes On A Budget For A Healthy Life - Lora Brenner (2016)

Book 1. Essential Oils: 20+ Recipes For Your Body And Soul. Look Relaxed And Well-Groomed

Chapter 21. Vanilla Oil

Things you’ll need:

Whole vanilla pods

8 ounces carrier oil (jojoba, apricot, almond)

How to make the oil?

Step 1: First, prepare the vanilla pods. Chop them and remove the seeds.

Step 2: Pour the carrier oil in a glass jar. Add the chopped vanilla pods and stir to submerge them.

Step 3: Leave to sit in a warm place for a week to infuse. If you want your vanilla oil to be stronger, leave it to infuse longer.

Step 4: Use a strainer or fine cheesecloth to strain the oil in a dark glass jar or bottle.

Step 5: Seal the container and store in a cool and dark place.

Note: If you wish, you can leave the pods, but in that case, you should use an airtight container to prevent oxidation. Also, make sure that the pods are completely immersed in the oil.