Homemade Natural Remedies: 80 Organic Beauty Recipes On A Budget For A Healthy Life - Lora Brenner (2016)

Book 1. Essential Oils: 20+ Recipes For Your Body And Soul. Look Relaxed And Well-Groomed

Chapter 17. Peppermint Oil

Things you’ll need:

Fresh peppermint leaves

Olive oil*

Choose the quantities based on what amount of oil you need

How to make the oil?

Step 1: Begin by preparing the peppermint leaves. Wash them thoroughly, and chop or crush them.

Step 2: Add the peppermint leaves in a jar and fill it with the olive oil. It is important that the leaves are completely submerged.

Step 3: Seal the jar and keep it in a sunny spot for 24 hours.

Step 4: Strain the oil through fine cheesecloth and submerge a new batch of crushed peppermint leaves.

Step 5: Seal the jar again and leave in a sunny post for another 24 hours.

Step 6: Repeat these steps for 5 days.

Step 7: After this period, strain the oil into another glass container. Discard the leaves and store the oil in a dark glass bottle.

Step 8: Keep in a dark and cool place.