IN CLOSING - Backyard Farming: Homesteading: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency - Kim Pezza

Backyard Farming: Homesteading: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency - Kim Pezza (2015)


There are all kinds of reasons why someone might choose to become a farmer, even more so now that location is no longer quite as large an issue. Nowadays, almost anyone who wants to grow something can. While your location and available space may limit what you can keep, it should have no impact on your enthusiasm and passion for starting your very own homestead. It is amazing what you can fit into a small space. If you live in an area with all four seasons, a small space can supplement your food supply; those fortunate enough to live in conditions conducive to year-round growing can raise their fruits and vegetables, right in the comfort of their home (along with a few eggs and even some honey).

Just don’t forget that there is work attached to farming, whether you’re looking to establish a large homestead or a small backyard farm, especially when animals are included. Think about it: while a garden may be dormant in the dead of winter, livestock will still require constant care, even during a blizzard. You can make your gardens easier to care for, but there will still be effort involved in properly caring for your projects. You might even find yourself needing to get a “garden sitter” to help water and weed! You will definitely need someone to watch over the livestock, whether you’re away for a day or a week, so keep that in mind when trying to put your farm together.

In the end, if growing something with your own two hands is something you enjoy, then all the work in the world won’t matter to you. Look forward to the end result—fresh food for the family!