Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect - Neal D. Barnard (2016)



Most of the ingredients in the recipes are commonly available in grocery stores. A few that may be unfamiliar are described below.

Balsamic vinegar is a reddish-brown vinegar from Italy. It has a robust sweet-sour taste.

Basmati rice is a flavorful variety of long-grain rice sold in natural food stores and many supermarkets. Brown basmati rice is less refined than white basmati rice.

Bulgur is cracked whole wheat that has been parboiled and dried. It is then ground and comes in fine, medium, or coarse grind. Use medium or coarse for a more interesting texture. Bulgur is a pleasant alternative to rice or pasta. It is the key ingredient to the Middle Eastern salad called tabouli.

Cilantro is an herb—the fresh leaves from the coriander plant. Its distinctive flavor is frequently found in Indian, Mexican, and Chinese cooking. It is sometimes called Chinese parsley.

Couscous is made from wheat that is cracked rather than ground. It is sold in the grain section of many supermarkets, natural food stores, and ethnic markets. Whole wheat varieties are found in some natural food stores.

Diced chilies are mild chilies (like Anaheim), which are available canned or fresh. Ortega is a widely sold brand. If you use fresh chilies, remove the skin by charring it under a broiler then rubbing it off.

Eggless mayonnaise is just that—a mayonnaise made without eggs, which is often lower in fat. A good brand available in most health food stores is called Nayonaise; it contains 3 grams of fat per tablespoon compared to regular mayonnaise, which has 11 grams of fat.

Nutritional yeast adds flavor and nutritional value to foods, and is a rich source of B vitamins (look for brands that include vitamin B12). It is similar to brewer’s yeast, but better tasting. You’ll find it in natural food stores.

Red pepper flakes are dried, crushed chili peppers sold in the Mexican food or spice section of many supermarkets.

Reduced-fat tofu is found in natural food stores and many supermarkets. Also try silken tofu, a smooth, delicate variety that is excellent for sauces, cream soups, and dips. One popular brand, Mori-Nu, is available in most grocery stores.

Rice milk is a mild-flavored beverage made from rice. Delicious on cereal and as replacement for cow’s milk in most recipes. Available in natural food stores and a growing number of supermarkets.

Roasted red bell peppers add great flavor and color to dishes. Roast your own or purchase them already roasted, packed in water, in most grocery stores.

Seasoned rice vinegar is flavored with a bit of sugar and salt and is great for salad dressings and on cooked vegetables. Available in most grocery stores.

Soymilk has none of the cholesterol or animal fat of cow’s milk. It comes in a variety of flavors, as well as in low-fat and vitamin- and mineral-fortified versions. Soymilks vary widely in flavor, so try several to find the ones you like best. Available in natural food stores and in many supermarkets.

Swanson’s Vegetable Broth is widely available and very convenient.

Tahini is sesame seed butter used in Middle Eastern cooking. It is available in natural food stores and many supermarkets.

TVP or textured vegetable protein is made from soybeans. It is a fat-free meat substitute that easily absorbs flavorful sauces. Available dried in small, flake-like pieces that when reconstituted take the place of ground beef in spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, tacos, etc.

Tofu, sometimes called bean curd, is also made from soybeans and has a soft, cheeselike texture. It is an extremely versatile ingredient that takes on the flavor of any sauce. The soft silken tofu is especially smooth and when pureed is a good substitute for cream.

Unbleached flour is white flour that has not been chemically whitened. Available in most grocery stores.

Whole wheat pastry flour is milled from soft spring wheat. It retains the bran and germ and, at the same time, produces lighter-textured baked goods than regular whole wheat flour. Available in natural food stores.