Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect - Neal D. Barnard (2016)



This book offers a new approach to weight control. If your goal is a slimmer body and more energy than you have had in years, this program is more powerful than any diet you have ever tried. It is not a diet. It is a comprehensive program that brings about better weight control than old-fashioned diets ever could.

In this program, we will not compromise. We will use all the factors that are known to promote permanent healthful weight control. You will boost your metabolic rate through food selection, shift your menu from calorie-dense fatty foods to foods with a much better nutrient makeup, and bring in other ways to burn calories more effectively.

This book was written because most diets have not been very successful. Many are simply too weak to get results. Others use an artificial “formula approach” that no one could live with permanently. They may cause a phenomenal weight loss for a few weeks, followed by a huge weight gain back to and beyond the starting point. These frustrating results are caused by the poor design of the diets.

There is a much better way. For years, researchers have used many different kinds of diets to improve health: diets to help people lose weight, lower their cholesterol levels, or deal with various health problems. From these studies, it is clear that there are certain factors that are critical to success in long-term weight control.

For example,

•Certain foods add easily to fat stores while others do not.

•Certain foods will alter your metabolism so that calories are burned more effectively.

•Weight loss should be gradual, not sudden.

•And, most importantly, a menu that is very low in fat, high in fiber and carbohydrate, and modest in protein, is extraordinarily powerful for weight control.

We will examine these and many other factors in detail.

Old diets focused mainly on quantity. In the new approach used in this program, the type of food that makes up the menu is considerably more important than the quantity of food. In other words, you can eat until you are full and still lose weight. No more skimpy portions. If you find that difficult to believe, consider the research. Many clinical studies have examined diets that are based on very small portions and other diets that change the type of food but not the quantity. It turns out that the type of food you eat is much more important for permanent weight control than the portion size. In fact, skimpy portion diets can actually impair your ability to burn off calories. Research also shows that thin people actually eat more food, not less, compared to most overweight people. In this program, we will shift the diet toward foods that boost the metabolism and that do not easily add to body fat.

There are also specific factors that make the process of change easier. A diet that brings about long-term success is much more rewarding than one that yields only modest or short-term results. So this program is designed to be as effective as possible.

We will also have opportunities to try new kinds of foods. This is not only fun; it is the critical step in building a new body. Tasting food is when theories about weight control turn into practice. You will learn about specific new foods to try, including menus, recipes, and shopping lists. In addition, we will look at ways to bring in family and friends. They are our allies in life’s changes. We will see how to help them help us.

When you put this program to work for you, you can have the slimmest body nature ever intended for you.



This program is divided into four parts:

Basic Concepts

First, find a comfortable chair and read Part I. In this concise section, you will learn the basic concepts that are essential to a permanent slimming-down program.

Let’s Get Started

Part II gets you started with a step-by-step program, including new foods to try, recipes, and a simple program for physical activity. You can easily chart your progress.

Moving into High Gear

Part III moves the program into high gear, with more advanced information to solidify your gains.

Menus and Recipes

Part IV gives you many more healthful recipes to make eating a joy.

Get all you can out of this program. No corners were cut in bringing this information to you; do not cut any corners in putting it into action.

You can succeed. So be patient, and don’t rush. It took time for you to gain weight, and it will take time for it to come off again. Overly rapid weight loss can lead to a rebound of weight gain, so let the pounds come off gradually. I think you will be happy with the new you.



My goal is to provide you with information on the power of foods for health. However, neither this book nor any other can take the place of individualized medical care or advice. If you have any medical condition, are overweight, or are on medication, please talk with your doctor about how dietary changes, exercise, and other medical treatments can affect your health.

The science of nutrition grows gradually as time goes on, so I encourage you to consult other sources of information, including the references listed in this volume.

With any dietary change, it is important to insure complete nutrition. Be sure to include a source of vitamin B12 in your routine, which could include any common multivitamin, fortified soymilk or cereals, or a vitamin B12supplement of five micrograms or more per day.

I wish you the very best of health.