THE BENEFITS OF DRINKING GREEN SMOOTHIES - 70 Top Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Smoothie Recipe & Diet Book For A Sexy, Slimmer & Youthful YOU (2015)

70 Top Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Smoothie Recipe & Diet Book For A Sexy, Slimmer & Youthful YOU (2015)


A lot of health fanatics love to drink smoothies. Some people make a green smoothie for breakfast while other people drink a smoothie before they lift weights. Smoothies have gained in popularity as they are easy to make and can be made on the go. Beyond that, most health conscious people would agree that a green smoothie is a perfect snack or meal anytime of the day. For these reasons, green smoothies have exploded in popularity. Here are ten benefits of green smoothies.

Most people do not drink enough water, and a smoothie is an excellent way to get the required eight glasses of water per day. In fact, a smoothie drinker who does not get enough water can add water to their smoothie. This is a good way to get hydrated without even thinking about it. Though overlooked, smoothies help with a person's hydration.

The great thing about green smoothies is; they are easy to make. A person who has no skills in the kitchen can make a green smoothie with ease. As far as supplies, all one needs is a blender and a large pitcher if they want to store the excess amounts. Anyone can make a smoothie within a couple of minutes. Most people already have of the necessary equipment needed to make a smoothie.

Anyone with digestion problems should consider making green smoothies. With a smoothie, the body does not need to work hard to break down the food to get the nutrients. Not only that, anyone with indigestion should consider making a smoothie as they are a light snack that is still filling. While a person can eat raw fruits and vegetables for the same effect, most people prefer a smoothie as it goes down easier than raw food. A lot of people have discovered that they do not need expensive medication or therapy once they switch to drinking smoothies.

The biggest reason most people drink a green smoothie is for their health. Smoothies are one of the healthiest snacks or meal a person can eat. A dieter can get their required fruits and vegetables with a smoothie without thinking. When making a smoothie in the morning, a dieter can add a lot of fruits and vegetables with ease, making the drink taste terrific while also being healthy. Smoothies are perfect for children as it is easy to get children to eat their vegetables without forcing them.

The cost to make a smoothie is low as it is easy to buy fruits and vegetables in bulk. When buying supplies for a smoothie, it is easy to put excess supplies in the refrigerator and freezer. Many people who make smoothies have it down to an art and are able to make a smoothie cheaply. A smoothie drinker does not need to buy the expensive and best looking fruits; when making smoothies one can buy the older fruits and vegetables as it does not matter as one will put all of their fruits in a blender. Simply put; smoothies are a cheap and healthy alternative to most meals.

A lot of gym goers love smoothies. Most people love to have a pre or post workout meal. As most gym goers are health conscious, a smoothie is a perfect option to keep the body healthy and hydrated. Since there is no set smoothie recipe, exercisers of all lifestyles love to make a post workout smoothie. Anyone looking to bulk up can easily add protein powder while someone looking to lose weight can have a low-calorie smoothie. In the end, a serious exerciser should have a green smoothie before or after their workout. A smoothie is a perfect meal no matter what goal the exerciser has.

As mentioned, green smoothies offer an excellent source of energy. Unfortunately, a lot of people rely on coffee and donuts for their energy in the morning. When one has coffee and donuts, they will experience a spike in energy followed by a crash. Since a smoothie has a lot of fruits and vegetables, the drinker of a smoothie will have a lot of energy throughout the day without losing energy. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber and vitamins, which help an individual stay energetic throughout the day.

Most people, inevitably, get sick during the holidays. People get sick because they are in close-quarters with other people and end up picking up other people's germs. While it is difficult to prevent this; a healthy eater will not get sick as often. When drinking a smoothing every morning, the body will have a stronger immune system. With a strong immune system, it is easier to fight off the flu or the common cold. When a person must have avoid getting sick, he or she should have a smoothie a day to make sure that they have a healthy immune system.

Cooking is fun for most people. Unfortunately, most people hate to clean up dirty dishes and pots and pans. When making a smoothie, one does not need to worry about cleaning up a large mess. Other than washing off the knife and blender, there is almost nothing to clean when making a smoothie. When one can rinse out their blender, they will only be left with, at most, a five-minute cleaning job. Anyone at work can clean their blender with ease as it only takes a few minutes to clean it in the sink. In the end, anyone who hates cleaning should consider buying a blender and making smoothies.

Smoothies are not a fad. There are plenty of health benefits to drinking a smoothie. Many people enjoy a green smoothie as they can tweak the recipe exactly as they want. While people enjoy the health benefits, a lot of working professionals also love the convenience of a green smoothie. One can make a smoothie without making a mess. A lot of people have discovered that when they make smoothies, not only will they save money they will be a lot healthier.