America's Best Pies 2014-2015: Nearly 200 Recipes You'll Love (2014)


As the Executive Director of the American Pie Council, I wanted to be able to share our awardwinning collection of recipes with you. We’ve added some new categories, like Innovation, to the APC National Pie Championships—these recipes will bring you traditional pie baking recipes with new, innovative twists on flavors and concepts. This collection of 200 recipes guarantees to get your mouth watering in the first few pages.

The American Pie Council, founded in 1983, is the only organization dedicated solely to PIE, America’s favorite dessert. We believe in the total enjoyment, consumption, and pursuit of PIE. We believe that the art of PIE making shouldn’t be forgotten. We believe that the enjoyment of PIE should be continued. We believe that the pursuit of finding the perfect PIE should be eternal. And it is in these beliefs that we hold the APC National Pie Championships® every year.

Usually in the month of April, the APC Crisco National Pie Championships is held to determine who makes the best pies in America. Pie Bakers from all over the country descend upon Celebration, FL to compete. Pies are entered into five divisions: commercial, independent/retail bakers, amateur bakers, professional chefs, and junior chefs. The entries are then divided into price point and flavor categories. Then, the judging begins. Close to one thousand pies are judged each year over the course of three days. Two hundred judges (food professionals, chefs, cookbook authors, food editors, suppliers to the PIE Industry, and everyday PIE lovers) are chosen in the months before the event. And then the best pies are chosen….

We would love for you to come to the National Pie Championships and experience this pie baking extravaganza first hand. You can come as a contestant, volunteer, pie judge, or simply to take it all in. Being a part of our pie baking family is an experience you won’t want to miss.

I hope you enjoy this new collection of recipes as much as our pie bakers enjoyed being a part of the National Pie Championships. We hope to see you at the National Pie Championships soon!

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