ONLINE SOURCES - Ingredienti: Marcella's Guide to the Market - Marcella Hazan, Victor Hazan

Ingredienti: Marcella's Guide to the Market - Marcella Hazan, Victor Hazan (2016)



My basic resource for high-quality imported Italian pantry components. There I get genuine San Marzano tomatoes, Martelli pasta, some olive oils, bottarga, anchovy colatura, and u stratto, Sicilian tomato concentrate, among other specialties. Just before Thanksgiving, they bring in a panettone that is as moist and light as the one we used to buy from an artisan baker in Milan every Christmas.


I have shopped this Seattle grocer longer than I have used any other online source. They have excellent Italian oils, pasta, and mountain-grown Parmigiano-Reggiano and a large variety of both local and global foods. I keep a supply of their June Taylor jams, and what I am particularly grateful for is their fresh wild salmon and their Washington State cherries and hardneck garlic.


Dried Sicilian herbs on their branches, Calabrian chili pepper, Gragnano pasta, fresh or frozen whole porcini mushrooms, and precooked cotechino sausage are among their vast selection of Italian specialties. What I find most alluring are the fresh Italian vegetables that Alma offers in season, such as late-harvest radicchio and puntarelle.


Jeff Pfohl’s site is crammed with intriguing items from Italy and other Mediterranean regions. I go there for seven-year-old Acquerello Carnaroli, a rice that, when it comes to making risotto, has no equal.


Purveyors of artisanal foods and most valuable as sources of mountain­-grown, superior-quality, long-aged Parmigiano-­Reggiano.


In my experience, the two American producers of cured pork specialties that most closely approach the flavor of the Italian originals on which they are modeled. The Salumeria Biellese’s Felino-style salami and its guanciale are among the most admirable of its many other cured meats. At Fra’ Mani, Paolo Bertolli’s pancetta, his salame gentile and salame nostrano do not fear comparison with ­Italy’s best. Neither producer fulfills retail orders from its website, but they will tell you which local or online purveyor carries their products. Salumeria Biellese’s specialties are also available in its New York shop, at 378 Eighth Avenue. There are, moreover, Italian salumi makers who have brought their skills and traditional recipes to this country, where they are creating cured pork products with genuine Italian flavor.


While waiting for their websites to go up, these two young Tuscan producers on the scene will fill orders sent to their email addresses: INFO@TERRADISIENAUSA.COM for Filippo Gambassi and INFO.GIORGIOSALAMI@GMAIL.COM for Cesare Casella. To your list of online salumi, you might add OLIOANDOLIVE.COM, a general site mentioned above. They carry an excellent American-made Felino salame.


The most reliable I have used for white and black truffles. Regalis is also a source of choice fresh wild mushrooms. I have found that in ordering truffles, it is helpful to speak to a manager of the site. At Urbani, I write or talk to Nazzareno Miele. There can be huge variables in quality that depend on personal attention to the order, or lack of it.


Mullet bottarga imported from Sardinia (Gustiamo is a reliable purveyor) is the standard for this delicacy made of pressed and dried gray mullet roe, but gray mullet is also abundant in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in Southwest Florida. The Anna Maria Fish Company produces bottarga from their roe that compares creditably with the original Sardinian specialty.


Italian-style 00 flour for homemade egg tagliatelle and other cuts that have the lightness, buoyancy, and flavor of pasta in Bologna. This is also my source for the unbleached cotton cheesecloth with which I wrap and store hunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano, so much better than the loose, raggedy cheesecloth from the supermarket.


Use their cheese paper and bags to protect the flavor and extend the life of cheeses other than Parmigiano-Reggiano that you store in the refrigerator.


Marvelous herbs from ancient Greek sites, smartly packed and mailed directly from Greece.